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Books published by publisher Egmont Childrens Books

  • Mischievous Twins Buzz Book

    W. Awdry

    Hardcover (Egmont Childrens Books, May 1, 1995)
    Bill and Ben are always playing tricks on the other engines, but one day they have an argument. Illustrated throughout in colour, a title in the THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE AND FRIENDS series, based on the television series.
  • The Starlight Barking

    Dodie Smith

    Hardcover (Egmont Childrens Books, Jan. 31, 1986)
    Dodie Smith's The Hundred and One Dalmatians, later adapted by Disney, was declared a classic when first published in 1956. The Starlight Barking, Dodie's own long-forgotten sequel, is a thrilling new adventure for Pongo and his family, lavishly illustrated by the same artist team as the first book. As the story opens, every living creature except dogs is gripped by an enchanted sleep. One of the original Dalmatian puppies, all grown up since the first novel, is now the Prime Minister's mascot. Relying on her spotted parents for guidance, she assumes emergency leadership for the canine population of England. Awaiting advice from Sirius, the Dog Star, dogs of every breed crowd Trafalgar Square to watch the evening skies. The message they receive is a disturbing proposition, one that might forever destroy their status as "man's best friend."
  • Mr Little's Noisy Plane

    Richard Fowler

    Paperback (Egmont Childrens Books, April 2, 1992)
    A picture book with a "lift-the-flap" format designed to appeal to the very young, with detailed labels so that older children can use it as a word book. Before he can fly his aeroplane, Mr Little has to find out why it is crackling, chattering and swishing. The explanations lie under the flaps.
  • Green Grass of Wyoming

    Mary O'Hara

    Paperback (Egmont Childrens Books, Dec. 31, 2003)
  • The Naughtiest Girl in the School

    Enid Blyton

    Hardcover (Egmont Childrens Books, Jan. 31, 1990)
  • An Expotition to the North Pole

    A.A. Milne, E.H. Shepard

    Hardcover (Egmont Childrens Books, Feb. 11, 1991)
  • Destination New York


    Paperback (Egmont Childrens Books, Jan. 31, 1992)
  • Destination New York

    Herge, Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper, Michael Turner

    Hardcover (Egmont Childrens Books, Aug. 13, 1987)
  • The Great Big Enormous Turnip

    Alexei Tolstoy

    Hardcover (Egmont Childrens Books, Oct. 8, 1968)
  • I Want to See the Moon

    Louis Baum, Niki Daly

    Paperback (Egmont Childrens Books, Nov. 14, 1985)
  • Babar and the Doctor

    Jean de Brunhoff, Laurent de Brunhoff

    Paperback (Egmont Childrens Books, March 7, 1991)
  • Christopher Robin Verse Bo


    Paperback (Egmont Childrens Books, Jan. 1, 1995)