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Books published by publisher Dalmatian Pr

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Mark Twain

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, )
  • Never Give Up and Go For It! Letters from American Heroes

    Andy Andrews, Kevin Menck, Jerry Dillingham

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, June 1, 2002)
    Book by Andy Andrews, Kevin Menck, Jerry Dillingham
  • Puppies for Sale

    Dan Clark, Jerry Dillingham

    Hardcover (Dalmatian Pr, July 1, 1999)
    A little boy who wants to buy a puppy he cannot afford picks out one with a limp and insists on paying full price even after the storekeeper offers to give it to him
  • It's Check-Up Time, Elmo!

    Sarah Albee, Tom Brannon

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, Sept. 14, 2005)
    Summary:0About the Author:•0Author: Sarah AlbeeIllustrator: Tom BrannonPublisher:Dalmatian PressPublished Date:08/01/2005Format:PaperbackISBN:1403716080#of pages:#N/A
  • The Newborn King


    Board book (Dalmatian Press, July 15, 2002)
  • Curious George Big Fun Book to Color ~ All Set for Fun

    Margret & H.A. Rey, Universal

    Paperback (Dalmatian Press, LLC, March 15, 2012)
    Delight your Curious George fan with this Curious George Coloring and Activity book featuring George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. From the PBS Curious George animated series based on the popular books by Margaret and H.A. Rey. This coloring book will provide many hours of Curious George fun with games, puzzles, mazes and coloring activities. Great gift for your favorite Curious George enthusiast!
  • The Wind in the Willows

    Kenneth Grahame

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, )
  • Elmo Visits the Dentist

    Dalmatian Press

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, July 1, 2007)
    It's time for Elmo to go to the dentist! A great book to give to a child prior to their own first visit.
  • Mickey's Night Before Christmas

    Kathryn Knight

    Hardcover (Dalmatian Pr, Sept. 1, 2007)
    In a story based on poem "The Night before Christmas," Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto celebrate Christmas together.
  • Snakes & Crocs and other Reptiles

    Dalmatian Press

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, May 18, 2007)
    Snakes & Crocs and Other Reptiles (Nature (Dalmatian Press))
  • A Tale of Two Cities

    Charles Dickens

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, )
  • A Little Bit of Faith

    Cindy Kenney

    Paperback (Dalmatian Pr, July 15, 2008)
    Katie Bennett, who has visits no one else can see from Faith, the guardian angel in her snow globe, copes with adjusting to a new school and making new friends by starting her own club, the Precious Girls Club.