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Books published by publisher DK Preschool

  • Touch and Feel: Farm Touch & Feel Brdbk Edition by DK Publishing


    Hardcover (DK Preschool, )
    Excellent Book
  • My First Body Board Book

    DK Publishing

    Board book (DK Preschool, March 15, 2004)
    Babies learn to identify parts of the body and their uses with adorable pictures of little ones like themselves in this best-selling first word and picture book. DK proudly reintroduces 10 favorite board books from the beloved My First series, all with beautifully redesigned covers for a fresh new look. Filled with full-color photographs and large, easy-to-read text, My First Board Books provide children with an excellent platform for early learning. A variety of first concepts, such as colors, numbers, letters, and more are introduced in a fun, informative way to help children build the vocabulary and basic language skills that form the foundation of learning.
  • Very Silly Sentences

    DK Publishing

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, Aug. 4, 2008)
    This fun board game lets children use puzzle pieces to construct sentences, both serious and completely off-the-wall silly. Roll the dice again and again and prepare for laughter! Developed with the help of a leading educational consultant, this game is great for your child’s first steps in reading and grammar. Color-coded cards help children learn parts of speech and sentence construction. Ideal for children 4-7 years of age. Perfect for playing with friends and family!

    Lee Davis

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, March 1, 1994)
    P.B. Bear is a very special bear and today is a very special day. Young children are invited to join his fabulous birthday party adventure where they will: help P.B. Bear find his friends in a game of hide and seek, count the candles on his birthday cake, guess what's inside the big box, find five forks, five plates, and five party hats for the birthday picnic, and discover a tiny bear in every scene. They'll even discover what P.B. stands for!
  • P.B. Bear Shaped Board Book: Good Morning

    Lee Davis

    Board book (DK Preschool, June 1, 2001)
    P.B. Bear sets a good example. From P.B. Bear's bright start to the day his bedtime routine, even the most reluctant toddlers will be encouraged to follow his good example. The rhyming text prepares them for beginning to read.
  • Wild Animals

    DK Publishing

    Board book (DK Preschool, May 11, 1998)
    With chunky, toddler-tough, 3-D pop-ups, these adorable books feature quacking ducks, woolly sheep, furry dogs, and colorful butterflies that leap right off the page. Wild Animals takes readers on an exciting pop-up tour of wild animals, from frogs to snakes to chimpanzees.
  • My First ABC Board Book Myst Board Books by DK Publishing BRDBK Edition


    Hardcover (DK Preschool, March 30, 2004)
  • Owl

    Mary Ling

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, Sept. 15, 1992)
    Close-up integrated photographs and an informative text follow every stage of an owl's development from its hatching from an egg to its full-grown stage.
  • Toddler Story Book: Ball!

    Ros Asquith

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, March 15, 1999)
    In a picture book that includes a press-out card ball, a baby crawls after his bouncy ball, down the hall, out the door, and into the woods--before being rescued by his mother.
  • Toddler Story Book: Rory and the Lion

    DK Publishing

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, Sept. 15, 1999)
    Rory loves lions, and he is convinced that he hears one roaring in the night.
  • Airplanes

    Christopher Maynard

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, Sept. 9, 1995)
    An in-depth examination of the many vehicles that keep an airport running depicts many different types of aircraft from a variety of perspectives, and children can see how baggage is loaded and watch a plane taking off.
  • Mighty Machines: Big Rig

    Caroline Bingham

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, April 1, 1996)
    Provides information, specifications, and trivia about semitrailers, logging trucks, oversize loads, concrete mixers, mobile cranes, heavy tow trucks, road trains, and supertrucks