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  • Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes

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    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 2, 2017)
    Featuring “From:__________ “ on cover! Great gift for Dad from kids, from son, from daughter, from wife etcQ.What does a spy wear on his feet?A.Sneakers. :PEveryone loves cheesy, badly timed dad jokes because they are told by your dad, and you only get one dad right? So help your dad improve his collection of jokes that will make you cringe and laugh at the same time. This joke book for dads will make a great gift, as the giver can write who it’s from on the cover, so dad will think of you while telling his cheesy jokes.
  • Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 500 Everyday Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users. Try Easy and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes.

    Jennifer Smith

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Sept. 20, 2018)
    MASTER YOUR INSTANT POT!Enjoy these 500 Recipes for Any Budget. Recipes are listed step by step in a clear and understandable manner.With this cookbook, you will cook better, tastier and faster meals for yourself and your family.In this cookbook, you will discover…Amazing meals the whole family will love. Recipes for vegetarians anyone will enjoy. Most recipes made for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Detailed ingredient lists and precise cooking times so each dish turns out perfect. Easy-to-follow instructions on making each dish in an Instant Pot. Helpful tips and tricks on how to make each meal one your whole family will request time and time again. Plus much more helpful information. Eating is meant to be a shared experience and is a great time for family members to catch up with each other's day. A good meal gets them to the dinner table every time.
  • Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

    Sasha O'Hara

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan. 6, 2016)
    Sasha’s Latest Books I f*cking Love You and Color Me Hangry Are Now Available and Make Perfect GiftsThis Best Selling adult coloring book is the perfect way to unwind and relax for those with a subversive and irreverent sense of humor.Color the things you can't say. 21 single sided adult coloring pages and 2 color test pages.Irreverent illustrations are moderate to complex in detail. Coloring images include beautiful abstract doodles, animals, people and fairies.Each picture has its own sassy quip like "Home is where the vodka is", "Suck it up buttercup" and "Dance like no one attractive is watching", and other humorous and subversive sayings. Look for other books from Sasha O'Hara, including Chill the Fck Out, Cheer the Fck Up and Happy fcking Holidays, Cheaper than Therapy, and more to come….For more info, free coloring pages, contests and more, visit www.sashaohara.comCONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN.
  • Blank Comic Book: Variety of Templates, 2-9 panel layouts, draw your own Comics

    B Bern

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 7, 2017)
    Draw your own Comics with this Blank Comic Book. This Blank Comic book has:110 pages of Variety of panel action layout templates ranging from 2 panels to 9 panel layouts. Good Quality white paper.Size 8.5 x11 (large). High quality Matte cover.Perfect for sketching and drawing Comic strips.Suitable for students, artists, teens, kids and adults.
  • Adult Coloring Book : Stress Relieving Designs Animals, Mandalas, Flowers, Paisley Patterns And So Much More: Coloring Book For Adults

    Cindy Elsharouni

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 19, 2017)
    64 Unique Designs to Color! Oh My!Incredible Artwork With the Largest Variety. Various Levels Of Intricacy Keeping You Excited!Garden Designs, Animals, Mandalas, and Paisley PatternsEach Coloring Page Is Designed To Help Relax And InspirePerfect For Every Skill Level And So Many Different Themes To Choose FromPerfect With Your Choice Of Coloring Tools (Crayon, Gel Pens, Markers, Colored Pencils)High Resolution Crisp Clean Printing Of IllustrationsEach Coloring Page Is On One Sheet. Printed One Sided. Don't Worry About Bleed ThroughFrequantly Gifted. This Book Makes The Perfect Gift For Christmas Holidays, Birthday and More. Grab a Set of Pencils To Go With It!Create Your Own Frame-Worthy Masterpeices!This adult coloring book from Cindy Elsharouno has over 60 animal patterns and provides hours of stress relief through creative expression. It features small and big creatures from forests, oceans, deserts and woodland. About Selah WorksSelah Works creates a wide range of coloring books, journal and sketchbooks that help you relax, unwind, and express your creativity. Explore the entire Selah Works collection to find your next coloring or creative adventure.Buy Now & Relax. Scroll to the top of the page and click the Add to Cart button.
  • The Farting Animals Coloring Book

    M T Lott

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Oct. 13, 2016)
    2019 Gift Ideas | White Elephant Gift | Fun Gift for KidsFarting animals are funny!This farting animal coloring book for kids (of all ages) is just what you've been looking for, even though you probably didn't know it!Color pictures of farting meerkats, dogs, pandas, giraffes, hippos, horses, kittens and more!Keep the pictures for yourself or give them to a friend who needs a laugh.Enjoy!Be sure to SHARE your coloring creations on Instagram with #fartinganimals.And, if you like this book, be sure to check out all of my coloring books including:the FARTING MAGICAL CREATURES COLORING BOOK, andthe SUPER CUTE FARTING ANIMALS COLORING BOOK.
  • Blank Comic Book For Kids : Create Your Own Comics With This Comic Book Journal Notebook: Over 100 Pages Large Big 8.5" x 11" Cartoon / Comic Book With Lots of Templates

    Blank Books 'N' Journals

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Oct. 20, 2016)
    This Blank Comic Book for Kids is the only book they need if kids love to create comics....This book helps you to make your own comics and with over 180 reviews, we know that kids love making their own cartoons and comics because of the ease of using the pre-formatted comic book paper inside. They spend hours designing, drawing and writing their stories, you will be surprised at what they come up with when given the right tools. Filled with blank comic book templates of various styles, with over 100 pages, this blank comic notebook will keep budding artists busy for hours.Book DetailsCan make your own comics with the good variety of pages / templatesQuality white paper, templates suitable for any art mediumCan create one page comic strips or can be used for larger plots with multi-pages & scripts for kids to write storiesNotebook style with cool Comic Book coverPerfect drawing book for kids of all agesThis is a big comic book, 8.5" x 11" so a large space with lots of room for them to immerse themselves in their own creativity. It is the perfect gift for the holidays as kids will have the time to sit down and draw. Ideal for kids to write stories about their own life and make them the action hero or heroine. Click to look inside at the layout. Suitable for all kids, girls and boys as well as teens and older children too. Even adults love our Blank Comic book pages and use them in a creative way to draw about the funny things that happen in family life. Unleash their creativity by letting them create their own comics. Every child loves our comic books so why not order a few for family and friends. Order your Blank Comic Book for Kids today and just say to the little ones 'go and create and draw your own comic'.
  • You Are Fucking Awesome: A Motivating Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults

    Charla Bond

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Dec. 16, 2016)
    Searching for the perfect inspirational adult coloring book for women?This deliciously profane, stress-relieving swear word coloring book for women has over 25 single-sided designs for you to color whenever you need a boost of confidence or a not so gentle reminder of how badass you are. With illustrations ranging from simple to intricate, this inspirational coloring book for women will provide hours of fun and relaxation so go forth and f'n prosper, I mean, color!In this swear word coloring book for adults, you will find inspirational quotes including: "You are Fucking Awesome""You Can Do This Shit!""Make Life Your Bitch""Rise and Fucking Grind Sunshine""Shake that Shit Off" and more!
  • Fucking Adorable - Cute Critters with foul Mouths

    Heather Land

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Sept. 5, 2016)
    This coloring book book is full of sweary insults said by the cutest critters possible. From an adorable raccoon calling someone a "cumstain" to a "Cunt-A-Saurus Rex", you'll love these filthy cuties! If you love to swear and love all things cute, you'll adore this book. The book has 30 different single sided pages to cover.Fucking Adorable-er, the sequel to this book, is now available!! Find it here!
  • Shit I Can't Remember: An Organizer for All Your Passwords and Shit

    Christelle Ball

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 4, 2017)
    Are you tired of forgetting the usernames and passwords you created every time you visit a website? This discrete password journal lets you store your important internet passwords in one convenient place! Measuring at 5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm), this password keeper has spaces to record the website name, username, password, and notes for over 160 different websites. You know, all the shit you can't remember. Why do you need this? In the age of the hacker, this password keeper lets you create unique and difficult passwords for each website and log in with ease! Stop writing your passwords down on sticky notes, get this password keeper and change your online log in experience forever!
  • Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids: 300 Difficult Riddles And Brain Teasers Families Will Love

    M Prefontaine

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 17, 2017)
    Brain Teasers for Kids - Riddles for the Whole Family“The mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” Ralph Waldo Emerson This kids book is a collection of 300 brain teasing riddles and puzzles. Their purpose is to make children think and stretch their minds. They are designed to test logic, lateral thinking as well as memory and to engage the brain in seeing patterns and connections between different things and circumstances.They are laid out in three chapters which get more difficult as you go through the book, in the author’s opinion at least. The answers are at the back of the book if all else fails.These are more difficult riddles for kids and are designed to be attempted by children from 10 years onwards, as well as participation from the rest of the family.It is a perfect activity book for kids who like problem solving. These activities can be shared with the whole family.This book is one of a series of puzzle books for kids. The aim of all of them is to stretch children’s brains through kids riddles and puzzles. They are kids books designed to challenge children to think laterally and more creatively.Tags: Riddles and brain teasers, riddles and trick questions, riddles book, riddles book for kids, riddles for kids, riddles for kids aged 9-12, riddles and puzzles, jokes and riddles, jokes book, jokes book for kids, jokes children, jokes for kids, jokes kids, activity book, activities
  • My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide To Prayer, Praise and Thanks: Modern Calligraphy and Lettering

    Lettering Design Co.

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 9, 2017)
    My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide to Prayer, Praise and ThanksThis beautiful prayer journal contains 3 months of pages to take notes and reflect on your relationship with Christ. Printed on high quality stock and sized at 8 x 10, it is perfect for both travel and fitting right on your bedside table. Whether it's for group Bible Study or personal worship, this prayer journal is the perfect tool to build a stronger relationship with Christ!The Book Contains:Premium matte cover designPrinted on high quality 60# interior stockModern and trendy layoutPerfectly sized at 8" x 10"