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  • What Makes Day and Night?

    Chris Arvetis, Carole Palmer, James Buckley

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Press, Jan. 1, 1984)
    I wonder why it gets dark?" asks Christopher. Wise Mrs. Owl knows. She uses a ball for the earth and a flashlight for the sun to explain all about day and night. The JUST ASK series explains the world to your child. In simple words and colorful pictures, these Weekly Reader books answer the questions your youngster loves to ask.
  • The Real Mother Goose

    Checkerboard Press, Blanche Fisher Wright

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Press, Aug. 16, 1987)
    A comprehensive collection of over three-hundred traditional nursery rhymes.
  • Little lost angel

    Janet Field (Curtis) Heath

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Press, Jan. 1, 1988)
  • The three billy goats Gruff

    Lisa Meltzer

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Press, March 15, 1989)
    A rebus version of the fairy tale in which three clever billy goats outwit a big, ugly troll living under the bridge they wish to cross.
  • What Is A Rainbow?

    Chris Arvetis, Carole Palmer, James Buckley

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Press, Aug. 1, 1983)
    Using illustrations and a simple, easy-to-read text, this book explains what a rainbow is and how such phenomena are created
  • The Visit

    Joan Esley, Eloise Burns Wilkin

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Pr, July 1, 1980)
    A story that captures the first experience of a young child away from home as little Abigail, staying with her Great Aunt Lavinia, realizes how warm and friendly a strange place can be
  • The story of Epaminondas

    Cathy East Dubowski

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Press, March 15, 1989)
    In attempting to follow his mother's instructions, a little boy always does the right thing at the wrong time, in this story told in rebus format.
  • Album of Prehistoric Animals

    Tom McGowen, Rod Ruth, William Turnbull

    Paperback (Checkerboard Press, Oct. 1, 1989)
    A brief introduction to the history and characteristics of prehistoric mammals in general, and specific descriptions of twelve different kinds.
  • The Checkerboard Press Book of Favorite Christmas Stories

    Other Contributor-Checkerboard Press

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Pr, Aug. 1, 1985)
    Four nicely illustrated Christmas classics: The Night Before Christmas, Christmas Joys, The Christmas Snowman, and Noni The Christmas Reindeer.
  • The three bears

    Cindy West

    Hardcover (Checkerboard Press, March 15, 1988)
    A rebus version of the folktale in which a tired and hungry little girl, lost in the woods, finds the house of the three bears and helps herself to their food and their beds.
  • Hungry Snowman


    Hardcover (Checkerboard Pr Inc, Nov. 1, 1989)
    Sam's snowman grows fatter and Sam's mother can't understand why food keeps disappearing from the kitchen each night, until the snowman eats too much, falls asleep, and wakes up to find himself much smaller and too weak to get outside.
  • Misty of Chincoteague

    Marguerite Henry

    Paperback (Checkerboard Press, Jan. 1, 1987)
    Paul and his sister Maureen's determination to own a pony from the herd on Chincoteague Island, Virginia, is greatly increased when the Phantom and her colt are among the ponies rounded up for the yearly auction.