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  • The Story of Santa's Beard

    Sharon Thayer, Marci Chambers;Frank Pryor

    Hardcover (Carousel Pub, Sept. 15, 2016)
    Loved for its traditional Christmas message,The Story of Santa's Beard leads children into the magical world of Santa, as it transports adults back to a time when the magic was theirs. Synopsis:There is a problem growing - literally growing - at the North Pole because children around the world are being good. Santa's beard grows a little each time children share, play fair, do their best, and tell the truth. Soon,because thousands of children are good every day, Santa's beard gets so long he can hardly walk, or talk, and he can't make the toys! But those smart little elves come up with a plan. In the end, all Santa must do is choose the best kids from the "Good List" to receive a snippet of his long beard. Children squeal with delight when they discover their very own snippet of Santa's beard,tied with red ribbon and included in the book. This book will become a family tradition to be treasured every Santa believing year and beyond.
  • Monkey's Crazy Hotel/a Lift-The-Flap Book

    Stephen Wyllie, Maureen Roffey

    Hardcover (Carousel, Oct. 1, 1987)
    A monkey discovers that running a hotel isn't an easy job when his first guests, a tall giraffe, a small turtle, and a fat hippopotamus, all leave after one topsy-turvy night. By lifting flaps, illustrations of selected words in the text are revealed.
  • A Tooth Fairy Named Mort

    Sharon Thayer, Reuben Mchugh;Andrew Smith

    Hardcover (Carousel Pub, April 1, 2018)
    Establishing the lore and legend for generations to come,A Tooth Fairy Named Mortflies you to Fairyland for a peek inside the castle, where you will discover the answers to the age-old mysteries of the Tooth Fairy. "If you could fly across the water, just as the sun begins to set and slip between the top of the waves and the breeze coming out of the west, you will come to a lovely beach of sand, right on the edge of Fairyland." As you catch a glimpse into this magical kingdom, you will find Mortina, the Tooth Fairy, with all her fairyland friends, busy at their jobs. Mort's the tiniest fairy, and her job is the hardest and biggest of all-fueling the magic of Fairyland. Follow Mort's journey and discover why she needs your teeth, how she gets human money, why she doesn't show up some nights, and how YOU hold the power to continue fairy magic forever!
  • There Was an Old Woman

    Stephen Wyllie, Maureen Roffey

    Hardcover (Carousel, Oct. 1, 1985)
    An old woman is kept from sleeping by various animals that enjoy her thatched roof. Flaps may be lifted to reveal pictures beneath many of the words.
  • Mutants

    Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg, Charles G. Waugh

    Paperback (Carousel, March 15, 1988)
  • The Monster Is Coming

    Michaela Morgan

    Hardcover (Carousel, Aug. 1, 1988)
    Chronicles the monster's search for the little girl
  • A Night in the Swamp

    Thacher Hurd

    Hardcover (Carousel, Feb. 1, 1987)
    Readers bring the swamp to life as they lift the flaps and pull the tabs to make alligators snap, frogs jump, and catfish swim
  • The Frog and Toad Coloring Book

    Arnold Lobel

    Paperback (Carousel, April 1, 1986)
  • 729 Puzzle People

    Helen Oxenbury

    Hardcover (Carousel, Oct. 15, 1980)
    Book by Oxenbury, Helen
  • A Journal of the Plague Year

    Daniel Defoe

    language (Carousel Books, May 16, 2020)
    In 1665 a resurgence of the bubonic plague swept through London, claiming over 97,000 lives. Daniel Defoe was just five at the time but later called on his memories, as well as his writing skills, to create a fictionalized chronicle of the epidemic and its victims.
  • The Sneeze

    David Lloyd, Fritz Wegner

    Hardcover (Carousel, Oct. 1, 1986)
    Serving as a nonsense story, a guessing game, and a picture puzzle, this book combines seven seemingly unrelated elements--a girl, a man, a dog, a suitcase, a hat, a newspaper, and a seat in the park--in unusual ways
  • The Chicks' Christmas

    Felicia Bond

    Hardcover (Carousel, Sept. 1, 1986)
    Two baby chicks want very badly to have a Christmas tree, but the grumpy hens refuse to leave the coop to get one.