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Books published by publisher Brimax Books Newmarket England

  • Animal Bedtime Stories: Omnibus

    Lucy Kincaid

    Hardcover (Brimax Books, England, March 15, 1983)
  • Little Mermaid, The

    Lucy Kincaid, Eric Kincaid

    Hardcover (Brimax Books Newmarket England, March 15, 1992)
    This series of Now You Can Read fairy tales has been specially written an designed for 4-8 year olds, who are ready to read by themselves. The appealing illustrations and large, simple text will encourage children to improve their reading skills. The final section of each book encourages the children's participation through observation and memory.
  • Riverboat Ahoy

    Lucy Illustrated by Eric Kincaid Kincaid

    Hardcover (Brimax, Newmarket England, March 15, 1983)
    Excellent book with amazing detailed Eric dust jacket with this copy...a little on inside blends in with the illustrations...stitched binding......
  • Alice in Wonderland

    Lewis adapted by Lucy Kincaid and illustrated by Gill Guile Carroll

    Hardcover (Newmarket, England: Brimax (1997), July 6, 1997)
    Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - Adapted by Lucy Kincaid - Illustrated by Gill Guile - Published by Brimax Newmarket England - Printed in Spain - Beautifully presented Classic
  • Read a Tale

    Brimax Books Ltd, Dorothea King

    Hardcover (Brimax Books . Newmarket . England, March 15, 1990)
    These well loved fairy tales have been specially written and illustrated for young readers. The large, clear type and familiar stories will encourage children in their early reading.
  • Teddy Bear


    Paperback (BRIMAX * NEWMARKET, March 15, 1994)
    S8 Glossy hardcover no dust jacket.1993 NEW 9.25x7.75x0.40. CHILDREN BOOK Now you can read. For 4-8 years old kids.
  • Ten Little Monkeys


    Board book (Brimax Books England, March 5, 1985)