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  • The Jeff Corwin Experience - Giant Monsters

    Elaine Pascoe

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, April 9, 2004)
    Many giant monsters, such as dinosaurs, once ruled the earth. Jeff travels to Tennessee, Arizona, and Florida to find the descendents of prehistoric monsters. He checks out vultures, tarantulas, gators, and the Komodo dragon. He also helps release a bald eagle into the wild, and even flies on a hang glider!
  • The Alchemy of Womanhood

    Dolores Rice, Su Blackwell, Lauren Monchik

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, June 8, 2016)
    Written in a lyrical and poetic voice, The Alchemy of Womanhood is a unique health book for young women. Unlike other straight-informational books, The Alchemy of Womanhood focuses on comforting young girls entering puberty, and indeed women well beyond, while also informing them about body development, relationship, and lifestyle in a profoundly essential way. If shared between mother and daughter, both will find the book helpful and soothing when cusping this momentous phase. If read alone, the reader will feel as though she is discovering a precious secret due to her readiness. Descriptive and comforting in its tone, The Alchemy of Womanhood gently weaves its way through what it is to become and be a woman in the world today. It attempts to uncover the mysterious elements of womanhood at the source of feminine knowledge and wisdom. It reveals the strength to be gained from embracing the essense of womanliness and the beauty that arises from learning how to celebrate female physiology for what it is: a powerful expression of the very essence of Life.
  • First Facts - About American Heroes

    David C. King

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, Oct. 23, 1995)
    Each subject in the First Facts reference series is covered within a uniquely designed two-page spread. Timelines, beautiful large-format color photos and engravings, and easy-to-digest bulleted facts all enhance the presentation and help to provide the most essential information simply, at a glance. Special chronologies and introductory passages on important periods in American history also put thousands of facts in clear historical context. Also included are: Over 200 color photos Reinforced library binding Chronologies Timelines Further Reading Source Notes Index
  • Step Back Science - Bite Into an Apple

    Inc. J.A. Ball Associates

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, Sept. 11, 2003)
    Introducing a whole new way to learn science! Start at the end and work backwards! You flick a light switch in your house and lights go on. But how did that happen? There are actually many steps that lead up to that final result. Many complex processes need to take place, and many components need to function properly. How does the light switch make the electricity flow? How does the electricity get into the house? How does it get into the neighborhood? Where is the electricity actually generated? Step Back Science answers these questions with detailed text, fun engaging sidebars, and great photos and graphics as it ties together elements from science, design, and engineering.
  • Pima

    Marla Felkins Ryan, Linda Schmittroth

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, Sept. 26, 2003)
    Book by
  • James Watt: Master of the Steam Engine

    Anna Sproule

    Library Binding (Blackbirch Press, Sept. 4, 2001)
    Inspiring stories of scientific pioneers and their successes and failures along the path of scientific discovery spark interest among readers. Each of these books include: Glossary For More Information section Index
  • Life During the Great Civilizations - The Ottoman Empire

    Lucile Davis

    Library Binding (Blackbirch Press, Jan. 22, 2004)
    Here is an intimate look at the everyday lives of the people that inhabited the great empires through history. Each book covers a specific time and place, illuminating the human experience by describing the transportation, agriculture, housing, communication, religion, innovation and technology, and social organization of the period.
  • Notorious Americans - Al Capone

    David C. King

    Board book (Blackbirch Press, July 13, 1998)
    Reared in an atmosphere of violence and corruption, it is easy to see how Alphonse Capone was destined for a life of crime. Capone raised organized crime to a new level of sophistication, turning the city of Chicago upside down in the process. How did he get away with it?
  • Giants of Art & Culture - Mikhail Baryshnikov

    Bruce S. Glassman

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, March 1, 2001)
    Inspiring biographies of the world's most creative people! Includes: Full color Glossary For More Information Index
  • The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - Ulysses S. Grant

    David C. King

    Library Binding (Blackbirch Press, Sept. 1, 2001)
    Triangle Histories introduce a new concept to American history series. Each title in this collection interweaves and overlaps with others in its own unique way. And each title provides a different perspective on the subject. For example, The Battle of Vicksburg, the biography Ulysses S. Grant, and the biography Abraham Lincoln, overlap and intersect at a number of points. Grant was the Union commander at Vicksburg at a time when Lincoln was under great pressure to replace the general. Because the Triangle Histories provide a format in which major subjects and themes can be considered from various angles, each collection offers a truly unique way to learn and understand the topic more completely. Each book stands alone, but as a set, the Civil War collection forms a powerful and engaging way in which to learn about one of the most painful eras our nation has ever endured.
  • Science on the Edge - Artificial Intelligence

    Phillip Margulies

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, Dec. 5, 2003)
    "Thinking" machines go back as far as Pascal in the 1600s, but today's machines--computers--have reached levels of sophistication that few could have imagined just decades ago. Now, scientists are perfecting computers that can "learn" from their experiences, can create their own programs, and--perhaps--even one day "feel" emotions the way humans do. Even if we can create a computer that acts like a human, do we really want to? Will we ultimately replace ourselves with machines we create?
  • What on Earth Is A... - Pangolin

    Edward R. Ricciuti

    Hardcover (Blackbirch Press, Oct. 1, 1994)
    Would you know a quokka if you saw one? How about a tuatara or pangolin? These are not exactly household words, but they are a few of the many fascinating and curious creatures featured in the What on Earth series. Each volume fully explores the lifestyles and habitats of animals that few people even know exist. Simple, concise text covers the animal's classification, its unique characteristics, its methods of survival, what the animal eats and who eats it, reproduction and care of the young, conservation issues, and the relationship of the animal to humans. Each book's large size and stunning, full-color photographs bring these remarkable subjects to life. A glossary, further reading list, map, and index make What on Earth books as educational as they are fun!