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Books published by publisher Black Butterfly Children

  • My Hair Is Beautiful: Because Its Mine

    Paula Dejoie

    Board book (Black Butterfly Children, Sept. 1, 1997)
    A playful rhyme and illustrations of African-American children's hair reinforces a positive self-image and promotes an African-American standard of beauty.
  • Rainbow Is Our Face

    Laura Pegram, Cozbi S. Cabreara

    Board book (Black Butterfly Children, Feb. 1, 1995)
    A delightful portrait of family life follows a young girl and her two-year-old sister as they play together, share experiences, and create beautiful painted rainbows.
  • My Favorite Toy

    Carole Weatherford, Mal Cann, Michele Mills

    Board book (Black Butterfly Children, March 1, 1997)
    In an entertaining selection of rhymes that emphasizes the joy of using one's imagination, a little boy searches through his toy chest and wanders through the house looking for his favorite toy.
  • Keeping Up With Cheetah/English/Chinese

    Lindsay Camp, Jill Newton

    Paperback (Black Butterfly Children, Aug. 1, 1997)
    Keeping up with Cheetah is a warm and funny story about the value of true friendship. Cheetah liked telling jokes and running. His best friend, Hippopotamus, laughed at all his jokes even though they weren't very funny. But that wasn't enough for Cheetah, who wanted a friend who could also run. Find out how Cheetah discovers the true value of friendship. Now, with the recordable TalkingPEN you can hear the story read aloud in English and other languages. Or you can even record yourself retelling the story page by page. Hear the pictures come alive with Cheetah and Hippopotamus speaking and knock knock jokes.
  • Keeping Up With Cheetah/English/Vietnamese

    Lindsay Camp, Jill Newton

    Paperback (Black Butterfly Children, Dec. 1, 1997)
  • RSPB First Book of Garden Birds

    Mike Unwin

    Hardcover (BLACK A & C CHILDREN, March 15, 2001)
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  • A Winter Story

    Butterfly Children, Angela Kincaid

    Hardcover (Butterfly Children Limited, Feb. 14, 2020)
    The Butterfly Children is a series of charming pre school childrens books with beautiful hand drawn illustrations of real butterflies as super characters with wings that are real butterfly wings. They live deep in the woods where people seldom go. They have adventures with other freinds and animals of the forest. Told in funny simple educational moral stories with rendition at the end that shows how good actions and kindness make good freinds and looking after our surroundings makes a good and sustainable environment for us all to live in together. Hooray
  • Adventures in Ancient Egypt

    Linda Bailey, Bill Slavin

    Paperback (BLACK A & C CHILDREN, May 31, 2001)
  • Stan and the Major Makeover

    Scoular Anderson

    Paperback (BLACK A & C CHILDREN, )
  • On the Ghost Trail

    Chris Powling

    Paperback (BLACK A & C CHILDREN, March 15, 2001)
    Is there a ghost in Grandpas creaky old house? Strange things show up there, and spooky noises fill the night. Adam decides to search for answers down the Ghost Trail. Will his brother and sister be brave enough to go along?
  • On the Road

    Ian Rohr

    Paperback (BLACK A & C CHILDREN, Jan. 1, 2006)
    "Transport" is one of three new additions to this popular non-fiction series. There are four books on the theme of transport - all carefully created to make information accessible to young readers. Large, exciting photographs draw readers into the text and get them thinking about the topic. The text is layered to provide for different reading abilities. The books incorporate all the features of non-fiction texts that pupils are now required to study in their literacy lessons: a contents list, diagrams, charts, captions, informational text, a glossary, an index, etc. The strand is accompanied by a Teaching Guide, which provides expert advice, lesson plans and photocopiable resources for teaching non-fiction skills through guided reading and writing.
  • Nothing But Trouble

    Alan MacDonald

    Paperback (BLACK A & C CHILDREN, March 15, 2006)
    Nothing but Trouble is a story about prejudice. When Jay arrives at Glenwood Primary, Paul is assigned to look after him and be his 'buddy', but looking after Jay proves harder than he expected. Jay's family are travellers and the new boy doesn't say much or seem interested in making friends. But Paul soon discovers Jay has a secret - after school he goes to visit a family of foxes living in the garden of a derelict house. Slowly a bond between the two boys develops, but this proves difficult at school as Paul is forced to choose sides between his new friend and his old ones...