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  • Z'man Likro: Time to Read Hebrew Volume One

    Orna Ariel Lenchner, Hillary Zana, Dinsa Maiben

    Paperback (Behrman House, Jan. 1, 2002)
    Book by Orna Ariel Lenchner, Hillary Zana, Dinsa Maiben
  • Shalom Uvrachah: The New Hebrew Primer

    Pearl G Tarnor

    Paperback (Behrman House, Jan. 1, 1999)
    Every feature of this primer - from its ground-breaking methodology to its vibrant, streamlined design - has been years in the making. Shalom Uvrachah: The New Hebrew Primer teaches decoding skills from key cultural words and concepts. For example, students learn the letters kuf and tzadee from the word tzedakah; they learn tet from tallit and zayin from mezuzah.Shalom Uvrachah makes use of the best contemporary educational theory:Meaningful words teach decoding skills.Vowel sounds are systematically introduced in small, manageable increments.Confusing look-alike and sound-alike letters are introduced separately.Exercises include:Visual discrimination practiceSimilar letter-sound and vowel-sound drillsWriting practice to reinforce the forms of the lettersExercises allowing teachers to customize reading practice for each classCheckpoints to monitor student progressTeaching Hebrew writing has been simplified with custom-designed Hebrew print fonts, enhanced by arrows showing how to form each letter.Shalom Uvrachah also features:Selected readings of key prayers and blessings, including Shema, Ve'ahavta, and AleinuHeritage dictionary of 80 cultural wordsExplanation of special reading rulesText and activities together in one volumeWant even more practice? Try the matching Shalom Hebrew Digital App
  • The Wise Men of Helm and Their Merry Tales

    Solomon Simon, Lillian Fischel

    Paperback (Behrman House, Oct. 1, 1995)
    The collection of Jewish folk tales that the New York Times called "a delightful little book . . . a classic of its kind . . . full of merriment and wisdom." Illustrated with whimsical drawings, these humorous stories are just right for children.
  • Let's Learn the Alef Bet Reading Readiness

    Ruby G. Strauss, Guy Stack-Brison, Guy Brison-Stack

    Paperback (Behrman House, Jan. 1, 1999)
    Book by Ruby G. Strauss
  • Women of Valor: Stories of Great Jewish Women Who Helped Shape the Twentieth Century

    Sheila F. Segal

    Paperback (Behrman House, Sept. 1, 1996)
    Biographies of eight women who made unique contributions to Jewish life, including union organizer Rose Schneiderman, founder of Hadassah Henrietta Szold, and Israel's first Olympic medalist Yael Arad.
  • Z'Man Likro: Time to Read Hebrew Activity Book For Volumes One & Two

    Hillary Zana, Dina Maiben

    Paperback (Behrman House, Jan. 1, 1990)
    Book by Hillary Zana, Dina Maiben
  • Hineni 2 - Workbook

    Behrman House

    Paperback (Behrman House, April 8, 2002)
    Workbook for use with Hineni 2.
  • Shalom Coloring: Adult Coloring Book

    Freddie Levin, Judy Dick

    Paperback (Behrman House, )
  • The Prophet's Wife

    Milton Steinberg, Ari L. Goldman, Harold S. Kushner, Norma Rosen

    eBook (Behrman House, March 19, 2010)
    A long-lost novel by the author of As a Driven Leaf. Infidelity, faith, and power all come together in a gripping story of the prophet Hosea and his wife, Gomer. This extraordinary literary find includes a foreword by Ari Goldman and commentaries by Harold Kushner and Norma Rosen. The Lord said unto Hosea: Go, take unto thee a wife of harlotry and children of harlotry; for the land doth commit great harlotry, departing from the Lord. HOSEA 1:2From the moment young Hosea saw the maiden Gomer dancing at the Festival of Booths, he loved her. It was the most beautiful vision he had ever seen, and he would never forget it, despite the scornful laughter of his older brother Iddo, despite the lack of piety of Gomer s household, and despite her admission that she did not love him. And so Hosea marries Gomer, in a troubled land where idol-worshiping neighbors offer up their daughters purity in the sacred groves, where arrogant high priests will stop at nothing to silence troublesome prophets, and where the blood of brothers can be the strongest bond, or the most destructive.When Milton Steinberg died in 1950, he left one manuscript tantalizingly unfinished. Like As a Driven Leaf, it is grand in scope, while told as a compelling personal tale. Set against a backdrop of unrest in ancient Israel, The Prophet s Wife is a stirring portrait of the biblical prophet Hosea, his passionate and free-spirited wife Gomer, and a people seduced by the lures of power and idolatry to betray their faith.
  • Chocolate Chip Challah: And Other Twists on the Jewish Holiday Table

    Lisa Rauchwerger

    Hardcover (Behrman House, Aug. 1, 2007)
    Formerly a URJ Press title.What's for dinner tonight? Artist, author, and cook Lisa Rauchwerger serves up mouthwatering meals and memories in her delightful cookbook. Using the Jewish calendar as a framework, both parent and child can cook up tasty treats all year long. With Aunt Ada's Challah (with a twist) on Shabbat, Multicultural Charoset on Pesach, and Sugar Moon Cookies on Rosh Chodesh, "New Moon," families will be sure to find new, meaningful ways to celebrate the Jewish holidays. Each easy-to-follow recipe is designed for children ages 5-11, their families, and their teachers. This interactive text is complete with whimsical, four-color illustrations; an illustrated cooking dictionary; Hebrew vocabulary; and charming stories related to a particular holiday or food. So, set your table with tasty treats and... enjoy!Interactive format for parent and childEasy to use in the kitchenTrivia and information on Jewish holidaysLisa Rauchwerger, an artist specializing in papercuts, paper sculpture, ketubot, graphics, illustration, and calligraphy, has exhibited her art throughout the United States. Her work reflects her background in both design and Jewish studies.Editorial Note: Please note that on page 35 of the book, the recipe for "Awesome Apple Cranberry Crisp" calls for 2-3 c. packed brown sugar. This is a typographical error - please use only 2/3 of a cup of brown sugar in the recipe.
  • Shiru Shalom Ivrit 1

    Nili Ziv

    Audio CD (Behrman House, Feb. 1, 2004)
    Charming sing-along music uses and reinforces the vocabulary from Shalom Ivrit 1. This 14-song CD?with lyrics in Hebrew and English translation?will introduce and review vocabulary in the student text, create a lively Hebrew atmosphere in the classroom, and provide a link between classroom and home. Aural presentation of the vocabulary complements the visual, appealing to students' different learning styles and helping them acquire and retain the vocabulary and grammar of Shalom Ivrit 1. Can be used in any Hebrew classroom. Special Feature: Includes 16-page booklet containing Hebrew lyrics?a great way to reinforce reading skills!
  • Hebrew: A Language Course Level 2

    Ora Band

    Paperback (Behrman House, Jan. 1, 1984)
    This book is the second of three textbooks in a Hebrew language course designed specifically for English-speaking students who have relatively few hours per week to devote to the study of the Hebrew language. The goal of the program is the achievement of a variety of language skills: reading comprehension, conversational facility, and writing ability.