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  • God's Mailbox

    Marc Gellman, Debbie Tilley

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, Sept. 24, 1998)
    These eighteen midrashim -- or stories in the Bible -- are filled with hope, suspense, and a healthy dose of comedy.They also address some of life's big questions: How can I hear God in the world? Is there a best color for a person to be? And why isn't there pro wrestling in heaven? In this sequel to his award-winning book Does God have a big Toe? Rabbi Marc Gellman shows how important the age-old stories are all of us.
  • Favorite Fairy Tales Told in England

    Virginia Haviland, Joseph Jacobs, Maxie Chambliss

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, May 1, 1994)
    Each volume in this series is graced with new illustrations by a noted contemporary artist, and features traditional tales that originated in that country.
  • Young Razzle

    John R. Tunis

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, April 1, 1991)
    A rookie second baseman starts to work his way up to the majors, meeting his father, whom he has hated since he deserted his mother for baseball years ago, on the way down from a great pitching career.
  • The Terrible Truth About Lawyers: How Lawyers Really Work and How to Deal With Them Successfully

    Mark H. McCormack

    Hardcover (Beech Tree Books, Sept. 1, 1987)
  • The True Adventures of Grizzly Adams: A Biography

    Robert M. McClung

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, Sept. 1, 1998)
    Describes the life of Grizzly Adams and discusses his experiences as a hunter in the Western wilderness
  • Gertie's Green Thumb

    Catherine Dexter, Ellen Eagle

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, April 1, 1995)
    Eleven-year-old Gertie, lover of plants and animals, finds a working wishbone in the park and turns her family's home into a magical "House of Nature."
  • The Invisible Thread: An Autobiography

    Yoshiko Uchida

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, Sept. 1, 1995)
    Growing up in California, Yoshi knew her family looked different from their neighbors. Still, she felt like an American. But everything changed when America went to war against Japan. Along with all the other Japanese-Americans on the West Coast, Yoshi's family were rounded up and imprisoned in a crowded. badly built camp in the desert because they"looked like the enemy." Yoshiko Uchida grew up to be an award-winning author. This memoir of her childhood gives a personal account of a shameful episode in American history.
  • The Story of Baseball

    Lawrence S. Ritter

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, May 1, 1999)
    Traces the history of baseball, which was first played in a form resembling the modern game in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1846, and first played by professional players in 1869
  • I'm With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie

    Pamela Des Barres

    Hardcover (Beech Tree Books, June 1, 1987)
    The author recounts her experiences at the center of the rock world, with stars such as Keith Moon, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Waylon Jennings, and Jim Morrison
  • Marbles: 101 Ways to Play

    Joanna Cole, Michael Street, Stephanie Calmenson, Alan Tiegreen

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, March 1, 1998)
    Traces the history of marbles and marble making, gives instructions for playing various kinds of games, explains related terms, and suggests further activities
  • All the Colors of the Race

    Arnold Adoff, John Steptoe

    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, March 1, 1992)
    A collection of poems written from the point of view of a child with a black mother and a white father.
  • Encounter at Easton


    Paperback (Beech Tree Books, Sept. 1, 1994)
    In the spring of 1768, the doomed flight of two young indentured servants from their unkind master brings together an unlikely assortment of people in a Pennsylvania town.