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  • The Magic Cookbook: An Enchanting Tale Sprinkled with Recipes, Magic Charms & Fun!

    Pam H. Porter

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Dec. 18, 2014)
    Molly McGregor wishes she could get her art on the cover of the newspaper, Daisy Humphrey desperately wants a puppy, and Eva Perez longs to be in charge of the school's holiday fair. When the three girls stumble across a magic cookbook at the town's new bookshop, they start to believe that it just might help their dreams come true. Little do they know that The Magic Cookbook and the mysterious bookstore cat will put each of them to the test and make them work for what they think they want. Join the fun as Molly, Daisy, and Eva bake enchanted cupcakes over the course of one year, and discover their own hidden magic along the way.
  • Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert: My Life Among the Navajo People

    Erica M. Elliott, Erica Elliott, Balboa Press

    Audible Audiobook (Balboa Press, Jan. 6, 2020)
    After her first week teaching at a boarding school on the Navajo Reservation near Canyon de Chelly, young Erica Elliott almost leaves in despair, unable to communicate with the children or understand cultural cues. But once she starts learning the Navajo language, the people begin to trust her, taking her into their homes and ceremonies. As she is drawn deeper into Navajo life, Erica has a series of profound experiences with the people, animals, and spirits of Canyon de Chelly. Fulfilling a Navajo grandmother's prophecy, she returns years later as a medical doctor to offer her services to Navajo patients. Endorsements "Dr. Erica Elliott's account of her life among the Navajo people is a story of high adventure that surpasses the wildest fiction. Elliott's willingness to transcend her cultural conditioning and enter another complex society is an act of great courage, and reveals her boundless empathy and compassion. This book is sorely needed at this moment in America, when divisive voices incessantly warn us of the other, the foreigner, those who 'are not like us.' [Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert: My Life Among the Navajo People] reveals how diversity, inclusiveness, and tolerance can enrich our own society, which is a lesson on which our future may depend." (Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters) "What a wonderful book! Elliott's voice mesmerized me. For weeks after, I thought about her time with the Navajos. Such an inspiring, life-affirming, yet tough tale, woven through with a strong drive to realize one's life path. Beautifully written. Elliott is an exciting new voice." (Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones and Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home) "Erica Elliott writes fearlessly with an original voice that grabbed me from the first page. Her true adventures on the Navajo Nation as a teacher, a shepherd, an emergency room doctor, and best of all, an open-hearted student immersed in a spiritually rich culture, make a great story. She leaves the reader with something to ponder: The abiding importance of reaching out to others with joy and respect. I love this book." (Anne Hillerman, NY Times best-selling author of the Leaphorn/Chee/Manuelito mystery series) "This is a powerful and personal book that is about courage and compassion. Reading it, one is drawn into the web of Dr. Elliott's extraordinary life of service and learning with the Navajo of the American Southwest. We are fortunate to be able to accompany her on her remarkable journey." (Rev. Joan Jiko Halifax, Abbot, Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico,
  • Waiting For Baby: A Sibling Visits the Nicu

    Jennifer Bracci

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Feb. 25, 2012)
    Visiting a neonatal intensive care unit can be an overwhelming experience, especially for a young child during sibling visitation. The sibling will see monitoring equipment, breathing machines, intravenous pumps and incubators. They will hear alarms ringing and sometimes babies crying. Preparing children for the NICU environment is crucial so they are not as fearful and can focus on bonding with their new sibling.
  • The Only Lesson

    Bill McKenna

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Aug. 1, 2011)
    In this true story and journey of discovery, Bill McKenna shares a life of intense experiences. He earned his black belt, learned to fly planes and helicopters, ran marathons, 50 and 100-mile endurance races, survived a several hundred foot free-fall in a skydiving mishap, and saw his life's dream shipwrecked by an unseen island. The journey brought financial success and catastrophe, a constant struggle with crash-and-burn relationships and a battle with depression. Nothing in his life would compare to the intensity of what he was about to experience, all of it quite by accident, and as his sister said, to the unlikeliest of people.
  • Enchanted Cedar: The Journey Home

    Brooke Hampton

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Feb. 20, 2013)
    Welcome to the land of enchanted cedar. When our favorite elves, Maka, Juniper, and Solstice, get lost deep in The Birch Forest, they have to work together to find their way back home to Barefoot Cottage. Our forest friends will discover many unexpected surprises before this night ends!
  • Loving to the End … and On: A Guide to the Impossibly Possible

    Lynn B. Robinson PhD

    Paperback (BalboaPress, July 23, 2018)
    Dr. Robinson recognizes and encourages ways for anyone—everyone—to love beyond death in this well-researched, engaging, and compelling mix of personal narrative and forthright reporting on end-of-life care and mis-care. Helpful for both families and medical personnel, it is part instructive manual, part counselor, and part love story. Her book gently guides us through the sadness of departure toward opportunity and love. Never demanding readers believe in an afterlife, Robinson instead offers personal stories of death bed visions, after death communication, near death experiences, and end of life care. • At bedside, a wife—whose dying husband’s spirit departs his body—briefly goes with him. Having previously been unconvinced of an afterlife and somewhat in shock, she declares this single incredible event exceeds any and all of their considerable marital intimacy. • A lucid, intelligent 98-year-old man is tragically confined to a psychiatric ward for evaluation of medicines prescribed by multiple physicians. Sent home weakened and changed, six months later his death is classified as “failure to thrive.” His story offers opportunity, hope, and love. • Eight years after Robinson visits a friend’s death bed, her once skeptic friend visits during a dream and takes her to metaphysical night school where a powerful affirmation of love is delivered. This is a book about traversing the pleasures and pain of end-of-life care, about possibility. Best of all, it is about love’s vital, enduring nature: a clarion call of love’s never-ending power. As a comfort or guide, this is a book that family, friends, and medical practitioners will appreciate over and over again. Lynn teaches us through her direct experiences and observations that life and death are artificial distinctions. People we love die. We die. But we suffer less knowing that death is not the end, and that we remain connected in ways that are visible if we foster love and an open mind. —Gilbert R Ladd IV MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Thrive!: An illustrated Law of Attraction Guide to Reducing Worry Overcoming Frustration and Freeing Your Mind

    Zehra Mahoon

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Sept. 12, 2018)
    This book is about getting consistent results from the application of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction works – but its intellectual understanding and practical application are two different things. For the most part people are unaware that wanting something and being positive about it are not the same. Three things set this book apart from all other books written on the subject. 1. The depiction of the Law of Attraction and the thinking process in the form of diagrams that make it easy to understand how our thoughts impact our results; 2. A method that helps us to identify beliefs that operate under the surface and control our lives without our knowing it; and 3. A four step process that helps to deactivate negative beliefs permanently so that we can thrive. The end result: A life that feels good. A life that is satisfying in all its aspects, whether it be health, relationships, money or self-esteem. You will learn how to control what happens to you and find ultimate freedom from worry, anxiety, and anger and a set of thinking exercises that can be used in every situation you would ever encounter in life.
  • Gifts of the Animals

    Didi McKay

    Paperback (BalboaPress, )
  • Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene's Message of Self Empowerment.

    Wencke Johanne Braathen

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Feb. 20, 2013)
    Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married? In Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene's message of self empowerment you'll find the depth of love, devotion, knowledge and wisdom that made this famous couple able to work as a powerful team in a world mired in occupation and rebellion. The preserved shrunken head of an ancestor accompanies Mariam while she is educated at the mystery schools of Egypt. As a fully trained priestess, queen and wife, she performs the rituals required to apply the gifts of the Magi. Was the head of John the Baptist an oracle used as a political plot? Why did the crucifixion take place on a hollow hill called "the skull" What is the Journey of Osiris? Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene's message of self empowerment is a controversial interpretation of the life of Mary Magdalene and brings you to the heart-wrenching choices that her education, her ancestry, and ancient prophecies forced her to make.
  • I'm Thankful

    Terri-Sue Hill

    Paperback (BalboaPress, April 28, 2012)
    Sometimes the people, places, and things we take for granted are the things for which we need to show gratitude. I'm Thankful was written to remind children of some of the many things we have to be thankful for. It can be used as a teaching tool as well as a topic for family discussions.
  • Warrior to Whisperer: An Odyssey into the Quantum Field with Oscar the Cat

    Com Gerald Bunch US N

    (BalboaPress, Feb. 25, 2016)
    Did you ever look into the eyes of an animal and wonder if they could understand you? Have you ever fantasized about how great it would be for you to understand what they thought? In this fascinating book Gerald Bunch relates his journey from Naval Officer/engineer/left-brained empiricist to intuitive animal communicator. He explains that intuitive communication is a capability we are all born with and we can each re-learn. In sharing many of the conversations he has had with various species, he takes us into the world as experienced by animals. He describes how we can deepen the bond we have with our animal companions and how their love and devotion to us can change our lives. His study of quantum physics helped him bridge the gap between hard science and telepathy, but he stresses it is not necessary to know how animal communication works, only that it does work. All the time. Gerald and his buddy Oscar the Cat are on an odyssey. Their passion is to make the world a better place for all of its inhabitants.
  • Poco - A Chiropractic Story

    Helen Jones

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Sept. 12, 2013)
    Life wasn't as it ought to be Poco had woken feeling quite blue until a smart Fox showed Poco what to do. The Fox was wise, the Fox was quick and introduced Poco to Chiroprac-Tic "A wonderfully illustrated Chiropractic story of how life ought to be" Helen Jones - Doctor of Chiropractic