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  • Precious Moments: Stories from the Bible

    Sheri Dunham Haan

    Hardcover (Baker Pub Group, Feb. 1, 1987)
    A simplified retelling of stories from the Bible.
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life

    Don Piper, Baker Publishing Group

    Audible Audiobook (Baker Publishing Group, March 22, 2010)
    Now available in hardcover, 90 Minutes in Heaven is the runaway bestseller about one man's experience with death and life. As Baptist minister Don Piper drove home from a conference, his car collided with a semi-truck that had crossed into his lane. Piper was pronounced dead at the scene. For the next 90 minutes, he experienced the glories of heaven, where he was greeted by those who had influenced him spiritually, and he experienced true peace. Back on earth, a passing minister who had also been at the conference felt led to pray for the accident victim even though he was told Piper was dead. Miraculously, Piper came back to life, and the pleasure of heaven was replaced by a long and painful recovery. For years Don Piper kept his heavenly experience to himself. Finally, friends and family convinced him to share his remarkable story. An inspiring and encouraging account, 90 Minutes in Heaven continues to touch and comfort millions of people around the world as it offers a glimpse of inexpressible heavenly bliss.
  • Slowdown at Sears Point

    Ken Stuckey

    Paperback (Baker Pub Group, Nov. 1, 1999)
    Two teenage boys share their interest in NASCAR racing and their faith in God at the Save Mart/Kragen 350 at Sears Point International Raceway
  • Precious Moments Bedtime Stories

    Samuel J. Butcher, Jon David Butcher, Debbie Ann Wiersma, Steven Craig Wiersma

    Hardcover (Baker Pub Group, Jan. 1, 1989)
    Presents twenty-two stories dealing with such themes as bedtime, school, family, friendship, and animals with a Christian emphasis
  • Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth

    Dutch Sheets, C. Peter Wagner

    Paperback (Baker Pub Group, May 1, 1997)
    If God is all powerful, why does He need us to pray? If we pray and nothing happens, does this mean that God is not listening? For those who have ever felt that their prayers do not count, Intercessory Prayer will show just how vital their prayers are. Pastor and teacher Dutch Sheets explains the nuts and bolts of prayer, with wisdom, gentleness and humor. This book will inspire readers, give them the courage to pray for the impossible and help them find the persistence to see their prayers to completion. It is time to discover our roles as prayer warriors. It can mean the difference between heaven and hell for someone you know!
  • The Gospel of John: Those Who Received Him John 9-12

    James Montgomery Boice

    Hardcover (Baker Pub Group, June 1, 1995)
    The Boice Commentary series combines careful scholarship and clear communication in a verse-by-verse and section by section reading of various biblical texts. Combining thoughtful interpretation with contemporary insight for daily living, James Montgomery Boice explains the meaning of the text and relates the text's concerns to the church, Christianity, and the world in which we live. Whether used for devotions, preaching, or teaching, this authoritative and thought-provoking series will appeal to a wide range of readers, from serious Bible students to interested laypersons."The Gospel of John," says Boice, "is a powerful source of instruction and comfort to many millions of God's people down through the ages of church history." This third volume in the Gospel of John collection shows Jesus turning to his followers and beginning to teach them.
  • Mystery in Massachusetts

    Bob Schaller

    Paperback (Baker Pub Group, Nov. 1, 2001)
    Ashley and Adam Arlington reveal pieces of their puzzle as they follow a scavenger hunt along the Freedom Trail through Boston to Bunker Hill.
  • Precious Moments: Through the Year Stories

    V. Gilbert Beers, Samuel J. Butcher

    Hardcover (Baker Pub Group, Oct. 1, 1989)
    A collection of stories celebrating the unique wonders of the four seasons
  • Precious Moments: Read-Aloud Stories

    Debbie Butcher Wiersma

    Hardcover (Baker Pub Group, Sept. 1, 1992)
    Brief story-poems focus on such areas as "My Family," "Playtime," and "Feelings," sometimes highlighting God's role in our lives
  • Kids' Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments: Thirteen Lessons on Right and Wrong

    Group Publishing

    Paperback (Group Pub., Jan. 3, 2001)
    The Kids’ Travel Guide series takes children from kindergarten through 5th grade on life-impacting explorations that engage them with activities, stories, prayer, and much more. Each of the seven themed Kids’ Travel Guides includes 13 imaginative, interactive Bible lessons. Lead your Sunday school or midweek program on a travel adventure packed with fun activities, creative options, and take-home pages that kids tuck into their very own travel journals.Kids’ Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments contains 13 lessons on right and wrong for children. Take your explorers on an exciting journey filled with stories, fun, prayer and adventure. Along the way, they’ll learn that God gives us laws because he loves us. The last lesson shows children how all the Ten Commandments lead them to the cross, and helps explain salvation to young minds. Additional Features include: Tour Guide Tips: Ideas teachers can use to adapt the lesson for different ages.Items to Pack: Supplies and props for the journey.Scenic Routes: to give you more creative options for kids.Fun Facts: Jokes and interesting tidbits related to the lesson.Reproducible Handouts: Games, and journal "souvenirs". Kids’ Travel Guide Series includes: Kids’ Travel Guide to the Beatitudes (9781470704230)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Lord’s Prayer (9780764425240)Kids' Travel Guide to the 10 Commandments (9780764422249)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Parables (9780764470134)Kids’ Travel Guide to the 23rd Psalm (9780764440052)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Fruit of the Spirit (9780764423901)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Armor of God (9780764426957)
  • The Baker Book of Bible People for Kids

    Terry Jean Day, Daryl J. Lucas

    Hardcover (Baker Pub Group, Jan. 1, 1998)
    Presents brief biographies of various key people from the Bible for children ages 8 and up.
  • Cow in the Dark

    Todd Aaron Smith

    Hardcover (Baker Pub Group, April 1, 2001)
    After Cow hears noises in the darkness she becomes frightened and wakes the other animals in the barn, convincing them that there is are monsters outside, so they decide that she should investigate.