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  • Raggedy Ann

    Johnny Gruelle, Nicki White, Lark Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, July 12, 2016)
    Humorous retelling of the adventures of Raggedy Ann.
  • Dreadlands: Wolf Moon

    Jaimie Engle, Diana Steele, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, June 16, 2016)
    When a Viking boy and his sister are hunted by the ferine, arctic wolves cursed to the Dreadlands, they must reach the city by the sea within one moon cycle, before a sorceress captures them, seals a spell with their blood, and returns the realm to Darkness. Leif Erikson abandoned the settlement in Labrador, Canada many years ago when the ferine attacked and murdered his small crew. A band of families stayed behind to build, learning to find balance with those who hunted them. Arud is a third generation Norse on this strange soil, and with a grandmother who is unnatural, an anxious mother, and a missing father, his family tree is rooted in secrets. The harvest moon approaches, a single night when the ferine's binds to the Dreadlands are broken, freeing them to hunt. But when one appears beneath Arud's window, his mother rushes him off, urging him to take care of his sister whose sickness grows worse. After meeting a beautiful girl with questionable motives, Arud discovers a prophecy in which the blood of a human and ferine hybrid would shift all power to the Sorceress Edda and her wild pack of hunters. But when Arud learns his sister is the hybrid in this prophecy, his world is shaken as family deceptions unravel. Now the stakes are raised, and getting safely to the city in the sea becomes more than a quest. It becomes survival.
  • Penny Lost: Fatechanger

    L.M. Poplin, Dan Gilvezan, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Aug. 14, 2019)
    When 14-year-old Penelope Clark accidentally travels through time to 1915 Boston, she must disguise herself first as a pickpocket and then as a newsboy, learning how to thieve, fight, and broadcast headlines to survive in an era before antibiotics and open-heart surgeries. Stuck in the past with no way to get home, Penn makes her first friend ever, and many enemies. But when Penn is robbed, and the pickpockets kidnap the head newsboy, she finds herself stuck in the middle of a dangerous rivalry, questioning her loyalties to either side and to herself. After a violent fistfight with a fellow pickpocket, Penn incurs a life-threatening infection. As her supposed enemy nurses her back to health - discovering she’s a girl and befriending her in the process - Penn realizes that someone else must have betrayed her. Her ensuing investigation reveals not only the truth of her betrayer’s identity but also her own.
  • The Graveyard Girl and the Boneyard Boy

    Martin Matthews, Dave Chacon, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, April 3, 2018)
    Sixteen-year-old albino Drake Stevenson lives a life alone in his world of video games and comic books, dreaming of one day saving a real princess. But fantasy becomes reality when his lawyer father suffers a heart attack, and the Stevensons are forced to move to flyover country in order to take up the family business: stewardship of the oldest and largest cemetery in the state. There, among the weeping angels and willows of Centralia Cemetery, Drake meets Scarlet, an unusual girl who needs his help to find her killer. Complicated by his albinism, a mentally unstable sister bent on high school domination at any cost, and a jock with a deadly secret, Drake sets out to find the shattering truth about a murder no one will speak of, to help a girl no one can see.
  • The Boy with Golden Eyes

    Marjorie Young, Amy Barron Smolinski, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, March 19, 2015)
    Young Rupert, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and experience, has been raised in complete isolation from the world by his enigmatic grandparents. His life takes an extraordinary turn when a violent storm uncovers a long-concealed treasure. In the aftermath of the storm, his grandparents vanish. Completely alone, the bewildered boy seizes upon the opportunity to leave his forest home at last. Out in the wider world, Rupert encounters new friends and learns that the kingdom's beloved royal family has been slain by brutal usurpers, who now rule the land with cunning and cruelty. But astonishing revelations convince Rupert that he has a pivotal role in restoring justice to the land. As Rupert and his comrades face imprisonment, bloody skirmishes, desperate conditions, and alluring yet sinister encounters, the darkest moments may reveal astonishing wonders. Unfolding events take on a deeper meaning as Rupert's mysterious gifts guide him toward shattering revelations and truths about his identity and his destiny.
  • 12 Huia Birds

    Julian Stokoe, George Henare, Audiobooks NZ

    Audible Audiobook (Audiobooks NZ, May 23, 2018)
    Twelve beautiful huia birds play and sing in the forest. But is that a canoe arriving? A rat sniffling? A ship on the horizon? One by one, the huia start to disappear. What will remain? 12 Huia Birds is a captivating and uplifting celebration of one of our loveliest birds by an exciting author. Through gentle rhyme, it subtly conveys an environmental message. Additional Credits Original Sound Design: Vic Spectrum Sound Recordings: David Liverside Audio Book mastering: Ora Simpson
  • Whose Body?

    Dorothy L. Sayers

    Audio CD (BBC Audiobooks, Oct. 1, 2010)
    Ian Carmichael is Lord Peter Wimsey, with Patricia Routledge as his mother, in this BBC radio full-cast dramatization. Wimsey's mother has heard through a friend that Mr. Thipps, a respectable Battersea architect, found a dead man in his bath, wearing nothing but a gold pince-nez. Lord Wimsey makes his way straight over to Mr. Thipps, and a good look at the body raises a number of interesting questions. Why would such an apparantly well-groomed man have filthy black toenails, flea bites and the scent of carbolic soap lingering on his corpse? Then comes the disappearance of oil millionaire Sir Reuben Levy, last seen on the Battersea Park Road. With his beard shaved he would look very similar to the man found in the bath—but is Sir Levy really dead?
  • Wonderwings and Other Fairy Stories

    Edith Howes, Lydia Bensky, Audiobooks NZ

    Audiobook (Audiobooks NZ, April 5, 2019)
    A beautifully written trio of short stories by the New Zealand treasure Edith Howes. These tales tell of fairies giving humans a helping hand and explore what it means to do the right thing. Originally written in 1921, Wonderwings and Other Fairy Stories still hold lessons just as important in today's modern world.
  • Wuthering Heights

    Emily Brontë

    Audio CD (BBC Audiobooks America, March 21, 2013)
    [Read by Patricia Routledge] The dramatic and sombre story of Wuthering Heights is dominated by Heathcliffe, a passionate and embittered soul, picked up as a gypsy waif by Mr Earnshaw and then reared in the bosom of his own family. Heathcliffes growing love for Earnshaws daughter Cathy, though fierce and deep, is ill-fated. Its unhappy repercussions are endured by the next generation until Heathcliffes ardently vindictive spirit finally burns itself out.
  • Brady Needs a Nightlight: Fundamentales, Book 1

    Brian Barlics, Liz Terry, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, April 16, 2019)
    Mom's Choice Award Winner Is your child afraid of the dark? Are you having trouble with bedtime? You are not alone! Even those least likely to have a fear of the dark may have a story to share. In this audiobook, you will meet Brady, a bat who oddly has a terrible fear of the dark. This poses quite a dilemma for a creature that sleeps in a dark cave and comes out to play at night. Learn how Brady discovers a creative way to solve this problem...with a little help from some friends.
  • The Evil Pond

    Papa G, Marlin May, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Aug. 28, 2017)
    The Evil Pond is not a nice place. But legend tells of a Golden Warrior. A master in the deadly art of Finjitsu. A warrior who will make the ultimate sacrifice to free the pond from the tyranny of King Cod. Sometimes legends come in surprising packages.
  • Pedro: The Ugliest Dog in the World

    Papa G, Marlin May, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Sept. 1, 2017)
    Pedro is ugly, so ugly that he has been mistakenly identified as El Chupacabra. In the town of Santa Maria all animals are welcome and free. But from the mountains, the lizard king and his gang raid the town of precious supplies. In their hour of need the town turn to a hero, a hero whose name will strike fear in to all that hear it. Will Pedro save Santa Maria? Or will the truth be told?