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Books published by publisher Atheneum

  • Thumbelina

    Hans Christian Andersen, Adrienne Adams

    Library Binding (Atheneum, June 1, 1961)
    A girl so small she sleeps in half a walnut shell has many suitors
  • Kindred Spirit: A Biography of L. M. Montgomery, Creator of Anne of Green Gables

    Catherine M. Andronik

    Hardcover (Atheneum, Oct. 31, 1993)
    Recounts Montgomery's childhood in rural Canada at the turn of the century--a childhood similar to that of her creation--and describes her struggle to become a writer without support or encouragement from friends or family.
  • The Big Wander

    Will Hobbs

    Hardcover (Atheneum, Oct. 31, 1992)
    During the summer of 1962, fourteen-year-old Clay Lancaster and his brother Mike set out to explore the West and search for their missing uncle, camping out in the desert, living among Navajos, falling in love, and rescuing their uncle, along the way.
  • Into the Woods: John James Audubon Lives His Dream

    Robert Burleigh, Wendell Minor

    Hardcover (Atheneum, Feb. 1, 2003)
    Complete with excerpts from his diary, his own drawings, and other illustrations, a biography tells the tale of a young man who gave up a life in civilization in order to live in nature and become the woodsman and artist he was meant to be.
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy and How Raggedy Ann Was Born

    Carol Nicklaus

    Library Binding (Atheneum, Oct. 1, 1982)
    Marcella brings two faded, faceless old Raggedy dolls down from the attic and dreams of sharing adventures with them.
  • The Green Hero: Early Adventures of Finn McCool

    Bernard Evslin, Barbara Bascove

    Library Binding (Atheneum, March 1, 1975)
    Retells the early exploits of the legendary Finn MacCool before he went on to become a great Irish hero.
  • Hatshepsut, His Majesty, Herself

    Catherine M Andronik, Joseph Daniel Fiedler

    Hardcover (Atheneum, March 1, 2001)
    Even though her nephew Tuthomosis III destroyed almost all evidence of her triumphant reign, archaeologists have been able to recreate the amazing and unconventional life of Egypt's only successful female pharaoh who used a male title, wore men's clothing and a beard, and kept her people happy and content, in a lavishly illustrated biography.
  • The image: A guide to pseudo-events in America

    Daniel J Boorstin

    Paperback (Atheneum, March 15, 1987)
    First published in 1962, Boorstin's prophetic vision of an America inundated by its own illusions has become an essential resource for those who want to distinguish the manifold deceptions of our culture from its few enduring truths. 7 cassettes.
  • Seminole Diary: Remembrances of a Slave

    Dolores Johnson

    Hardcover (Atheneum, Sept. 1, 1994)
    A family of escaped slaves finds refuge with the Seminole Indians and journeys with them to the Oklahoma Territory along the Trail of Tears.
  • Halloweena

    Miriam Glassman, Victoria Roberts

    Hardcover (Atheneum, Sept. 1, 2002)
    Having raised a human child given to her as an infant, Hepzibah is shocked when Halloweena asks to have some human playmates in her life, yet being a good mother, Hepzibah gives it a try while Halloweena demonstrates that she is staying true to her roots as witch-in-training.
  • Season of Ponies

    Zilpha Keatley Snyder

    Paperback (Atheneum, June 1, 1964)
  • How to Attract, House and Feed Birds: Forty-Eight Plans for Bird Feeders and Houses You Can Make

    Walter E. Schutz

    Paperback (Atheneum, May 1, 1974)
    With 48 building plans for birdhouses and feeders, heres all you need to know about providing food and shelter for birds to help these wildlife creatures survive. Learn about trees, shrubs, and vines that lure birds; how to make seed mixtures and bird delicacies; how to make and care for a concrete bird-bath; and more.