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  • Incredible Journeys: World Myths

    Philip Steele

    Hardcover (Anness, June 26, 2003)
    The world's oldest and greatest stories, charmingly retold as lively literature.
  • Now Try This!: Over 100 Really Brilliant Things to do by Yourself and With Friends

    Editors of Southwater

    Paperback (Anness, July 25, 2002)
    This book has 123 exciting and creative things for children to make for themselves, their room and their family and friends.
  • Ancient Egypt

    Philip Steele

    Hardcover (Anness, March 1, 1998)
    Explores the culture and beliefs of the ancient Egyptian people, with fifteen projects that allow readers to recreate some of Egyptian history
  • Incredible Journeys: World Myths

    Philip Steele

    Hardcover (Anness, June 26, 2003)
    The world's oldest and greatest stories, charmingly retold as lively literature.
  • The World of the Dinosaurs: An exciting guide to prehistoric creatures, with 350 fabulous detailed drawings of dinosaurs and beasts and the places they lived

    Dougal Dixon

    Paperback (Anness, Sept. 21, 2007)
    For 180 million years dinosaurs ruled the Earth, evolving to become some of the largest, most ferocious, and deadly creatures the world has ever known. Though the dinosaurs disappeared from existence 65 million years ago, regular new discoveries and incr
  • Flight: Informative Text and Practical Projects Reveal the Science of Flight

    Peter Mellet

    Hardcover (Anness, Nov. 1, 2000)
    How does a jumbo jet weighing 350 tonnes and carrying 500 people stay in the air? How does a hummingbird hover over a flower with pinpoint precision? Decode the mysteries and discover the scientific facts about natural flight and human aviation. Follow the history of flying from the many disastrous attempts to soar, to the creation of a supersonic airliner that flies faster than sound, and discover the techniques of nature's most skilled flyers from the prehistoric pterosaur, to the long distance albatross. There are 19 practical projects designed to reinforce learning.
  • Great Civilizations of the East

    Daud Ali

    Paperback (Anness, April 23, 2003)
    This fascinating insight into ancient Asian and Oriental culture is packed with information and projects.
  • Monkeys: Nature Watch

    Tom Jackson

    Hardcover (Anness, Dec. 14, 2002)
    Exciting coverage of every aspect of small primate life and behavior with more than 180 dramatic photos.
  • Machines

    Chris Oxlade

    Paperback (Anness, March 1, 2000)
    Fantastic Facts Machines takes a look at the enormous variety of machines in a fact file illustrated with vibrant photographs, drawings, and diagrams, starting with basic levers and wheels, and coming right up to date with automatic and electronic machinery. Practical projects included to help you understand the principles that make them work.
  • The War for Power and Knowledge

    John Haywood

    Paperback (Anness, June 26, 2003)
    This wonderful visual, thematic history book focuses on how humankind explored the boundaries of knowledge and power. Step-by-step projects for recipes, costumes, and model-making are inspired by the skills of the past, while pictorial timelines plot key people and events.
  • How the World Began: World Myths

    Gilly Cameron Cooper

    Hardcover (Anness, April 3, 2003)
    A collection of creation myths from different cultures around the world from the Titans and Olympian Gods of ancient Greece to the Dreamtime of the Aboriginal peoples.