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  • Einstein: The Man, the Genius, and the Theory of Relativity

    Walter Isaacson

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch, Aug. 7, 2018)
    Written by bestselling author Walter Isaacson, Einsten is an introduction to, and celebration of, the scientist whose name is synonymous with ingenuity and intelligence. From his remarkable theory of relativity and the famous equation E=mc2 to his concept of a unified field theory, no one has contributed as much to science in the last century as Albert Einstein. Drawing on new research and reproducing documents only recently made available, Einstein reveals the process behind the work and the man behind the science: his early years and experiments in Germany, his marriages and children, his role in the development of the atomic bomb, and his involvement with civil rights groups in the United States.Now in a new format!
  • Candy Is Dandy: The Best of Ogden Nash

    Ogden Nash

    Paperback (Andre Deutsch Ltd, Sept. 1, 1994)
    A bumper volume of the best poems by a hugely funny and quotable writer.
  • Michelangelo: A Portrait of the Greatest Artist of the Italian Renaissance

    William E. Wallace

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch, Oct. 1, 2019)
    Michelangelo explores the tumultuous life of the fascinating sculptor, painter, poet, architect . . . and genius. The statue of David. The Pietà. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. All iconic renaissance masterpieces, and all created by Michelangelo. Written by a world-renowned expert, this magnificent portrait of the artist examines Michelangelo’s unusual beginnings, tracking his meteoric rise to fame and brash, difficult-to-work-with attitude. In addition to beautiful photos of Michelangelo’s varied works, it includes images of meaningful memorabilia from his life: personal letters, preliminary sketches, sonnets, and even his birth certificate. Michelangelo paints a vivid picture of an exceptional yet deeply human individual and the remarkable times in which he lived.Reissue of The Treasures of Michelangelo in a new format, with previously removable documents now shown in photographs.
  • Whatever Happened to Margo?

    Margaret Durrell

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch Ltd, Feb. 1, 1996)
    An account of the author's personal experiences as a landlady in post-war Bournemouth, written over 30 years ago and discovered by the author'' granddaughter. Illustrated with photographs from family albums.
  • Maurice

    E.M. Forster

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch Ltd, March 15, 1999)
  • The Jack the Ripper Files: The Illustrated History of the Whitechapel Murders

    Richard Jones

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch, May 3, 2016)
    Jack the Ripper has haunted the world’s imagination since his murderous reign drew to a close in 1888. Exploring the social context of the crimes, this invaluable survey includes police reports, letters purporting to be from the notorious killer, and newspaper clippings from the time. These documents enable readers to become armchair detectives, sifting through the evidence, sorting out the complex and contradictory theories, and assessing all the clues and conclusions gathered through the decades.
  • The Railway Children

    Edith Nesbit

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch Ltd, Dec. 1, 1996)
  • Puss in Boots

    John S. Goodall

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch, Sept. 1, 1990)
    An adaptation of the adventures of the clever, swashbuckling Puss in Boots as he helps his young master overcome poverty to achieve fame, fortune, and the princess of his dreams
  • The Pineapple Child and Other Tales from Ashanti

    Peggy Appiah

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch Ltd, )
  • Mapping the World: The Story of Cartography

    Beau Riffenburgh

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch, Feb. 3, 2015)
    From the crude maps of ancient Babylon to the satellite-fueled precision of Google Maps, cartography has been both a record of dreams and of discoveries. Maps have played midwife to empires, helped win wars, and encouraged humanity to venture beyond boundaries of space and time. Containing numerous maps from the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, Mapping the World tells the story of the philosophers, explorers, artists, and scientists who brought together their skills to produce some of the most intriguing artifacts ever created.
  • The Story of the Little Red Engine

    Diana Ross, Leslie Wood

    Paperback (Andre Deutsch Ltd, Dec. 31, 2005)
    One day the Little Red Engine doesn't arrive. It's never been late before and its friends are worried - whatever could have happened?
  • Vincent van Gogh: A Portrait of His Life and Work

    Cornelia Homburg

    Hardcover (Andre Deutsch, Aug. 6, 2019)
    This beautifully illustrated, meticulously researched book is a must-have for admirers of Van Gogh's work. Vincent Van Gogh is famous as much for his tortured life as for his remarkable paintings. This large, beautiful book offers unique insight into the solitary genius—from his difficult childhood to his inspiring artistic struggles to his mental decline and tragic suicide. It follows the path from his early attempts to forge a career, to the inspiration he found in the Paris of the late 1880s, to the sunlight of Provence with its fierce blues and yellows, and his final days in the village of Auvers-sur-Oise. Gloriously illustrated with such classics as the radiant versions of his favorite sunflowers, “Starry Night,” “La Berceuse,” and his many self-portraits, and including such documents such as his private letters, Vincent van Gogh brings the artist’s world to life as never before.Reissue of The Treasures of Vincent van Gogh in a new format