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  • Karl's Story

    Trudy Cutrone

    Paperback (1st Book Library, Jan. 17, 2003)
    Three friends, Karl the Bear, the young girl Karin, and Mimi the Cat, experience the upheaval of war. Through the eyes of a toy bear we witness the gradual dissolution of Karin's world, her survival, and courageous rebuilding of her life.
  • The Journal of Leroy Jeremiah Jones, a Fugitive Slave

    K. J. McWilliams

    Paperback (1st Book Library, July 1, 2001)
    The Journal of Leroy Jeremiah Jones, a Fugitive Slave is about a 12-year-old slave boy who lives on a cotton plantation in Alabama in 1855 with his Mammy, sister Beulah, rascally twin brothers Buster and Bizzle, and Baby Ernestine. Leroy's job is to take care of the evil plantation owner's stepson, Eddy, who becomes his best friend and "conspirator in crime." Leroy and Eddy find plenty of mischief to get into until the day they learn "Pappy Snake" and "Mis Evil Eye", Eddy's stepfather and mother, plan to give Leroy's twin brothers away to relatives in the Carolinas. That's when the two boys launch a plan to hide Leroy's family in a secret cave they discovered the day Eddy skipped school. Leroy meticulously records his escapades with Eddy and the close calls his family has. This book includes photos and nonfiction information that will interest teachers, librarians, and parents and is recommended for children age ten and above.
  • Hold On, Jessica, Don't Let Go

    Deanna Hessedal Tiddle

    Hardcover (1st Book Library, May 16, 2002)
    This insightful middle grade novel portrays a child struggling to survive in an alcoholic family.Can eleven-year-old Jessica run away from her life? It's so hard living with an alcoholic parent. The fear. The anger. The embarrassment. The emptiness in her heart where a father's love should be. How can she bear to keep hearing his cruel words? What will other kids think if they see her father drunk? Can she protect her three-year-old brother?Jessica becomes more and more discouraged, but, as she turns 12 and then 13, she makes important discoveries about herself and her power to determine her future.
  • In the Shadow of the Courthouse: Memoir of The 1940s Written As A Novel

    James R. Fisher Jr

    Paperback (1st Book Library, May 5, 2003)
    This is a period piece, a memoir of the halcyon days of the 1940s when young people grew up in an atmosphere of war (World War II) and learned the importance of sacrifice, creating their own play, inventing their own games, and living in the uncertainty of the future. The book is about working class young people coming of age in the midwest (Clinton, Iowa) IN THE SHADOW OF THE COURTHOUSE while the United States struggled to come of age in the shadow of the atomic bomb.
  • Socrates for Kids

    S. Sage Essman

    Hardcover (1st Book Library, Dec. 1, 2000)
    Book by Essman, S. Sage
  • Finding Safety: Boundaries for Teenagers: How to Recognize and Protect Yourself from Abuse

    Carole Marlowe

    Paperback (1st Book Library, Dec. 19, 1999)
    Learn how to recognize abuse and how to keep yourself safe from it.
  • The Gingerbread Kingdom

    Gary McKenzie

    Paperback (1st Book Library, Feb. 27, 2004)
  • Angel on Assignment: Volume 1: The Adventures Begin

    Angenetta "Lois" Olsen Cox

    Paperback (1st Book Library, Sept. 1, 2001)
    Cox, Angenetta "Lois" Olsen
  • The Return of The Little Prince

    Ysatis Desaint-Simon

    Paperback (1st Book Library, Feb. 9, 2004)
    Sequel to Le petit prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupaery.
  • Night Time Moods: Guided Imagery for Children

    Cara Bryant, Carol Weaver

    Paperback (1st Book Library, Aug. 1, 2003)

    Barbara Ann Mary Mack

    Paperback (1st Book Library, Sept. 30, 2003)