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Books at Guided Reading Level Q

  • The Other Side

    Jacqueline Woodson, E. B. Lewis

    Hardcover (G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers, Jan. 15, 2001)
    Jacqueline Woodson is the 2018-2019 National Ambassador for Young People’s LiteratureClover's mom says it isn't safe to cross the fence that segregates their African-American side of town from the white side where Anna lives. But the two girls strike up a friendship, and get around the grown-ups' rules by sitting on top of the fence together. With the addition of a brand-new author's note, this special edition celebrates the tenth anniversary of this classic book. As always, Woodson moves readers with her lyrical narrative, and E. B. Lewis's amazing talent shines in his gorgeous watercolor illustrations.
  • The Stonekeeper's Curse

    Kazu Kibuishi

    Paperback (Graphix, Sept. 1, 2009)
    Graphic novel star Kazu Kibuishi returns with his mysterious world full of new allies . . . and old enemies!Emily and Navin's mother is still in a coma from the arachnopod's poison, and there's only one place to find help: Kanalis, the bustling, beautiful city of waterfalls. But when Em, her brother, and Miskit and the rest of the robotic crew aboard the walking house reach the city, they quickly realize that seeking help is looking for trouble, dangerous trouble.
  • Tales of an 8-Bit Kitten: A Call to Arms

    Cube Kid

    Paperback (Andrews McMeel Publishing, March 31, 2020)
    Best-selling author, Cube Kid, introduces the second book in his series about Eeebs the kitten who lives some incredible adventures in the world of Minecraft. Fans of the Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior series will find familiar, emblematic characters here in the Nether.Now that Eeebs knows he's part of the Prophecy and the coming war against the Eyeless One, he has one goal: find Runt and help him in his quest. While stationed at Villagetown, the little cat tries to find his place among the Lost Legion and learn more about his hidden powers. But life in Villagetown never stays quiet for very long!
  • Camille's Mermaid Tale

    Valerie Tripp, Thu Thai

    Paperback (American Girl, Feb. 9, 2017)
    Camille loves the ocean, the warm sand, the pretty shells, and the sparkling waves that tickle her toes. Sometimes she even imagines that she's a mermaid with whales and dolphins for friends! When the other WellieWishers see how much Camille misses her summers by the sea, they want to help, but how can four girls turn a garden into an ocean?
  • Trapped in a Video Game: Return to Doom Island

    Dustin Brady, Jesse Brady

    Paperback (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Sept. 25, 2018)
    Kids who love video games will love this fourth installment of the 5-book series about 12-year old Jesse Rigsby and the wild adventures he encounters inside different video games.Age Level: 8-12 Grade Level: 3rd and up Alistair Gregory, the man who figured out how to put people into video games, is not what he seems. Jesse Rigsby is sure of that. Jesse’s sure of something else, too—he’s being watched. To unravel the mystery, Jesse’s going to have to transform himself into a superspy with serious retro-gaming skills. Can he pull it off before the bad guys catch on?
  • Science! STEM Sticker Adventure - Sticker Activity Book For Girls Aged 4 to 8 - Over 125 Stickers - Space Exploration, Deep Sea Adventure, Dinosaur Dig & More

    Hopscotch Girls

    Paperback (Hopscotch Girls, Nov. 14, 2018)
    Spark your little girl's interest in science with Science! STEM Sticker Adventure by Hopscotch Girls.The world of science is an exciting place for little girls who dream big. This fun sticker book is packed with activities that will empower your daughters, granddaughters and the special little girls in your life to ask questions, seek answers and explore the natural world. Hopscotch Girls has worked with leading scientists to create a sticker book that's as fun as it is educational. While your little girl plays with over 150 stickers, she'll join Aliyah, Emma and Avery as they learn about 7 scientific disciplines over 24 full color pages. The book also includes a page of bonus stickers that can be used as reward stickers or on reward charts. Chemistry: Get into the lab and conduct experiments with colorful test tubes, bunsen burners, beakers and more. Geology: Study rocks, minerals and landforms in a spectacular landscape. Astronomy: Put on your astronaut suit and reach for the stars (and planets!) with this fun space scene and space stickers. Marine Biology: Explore the ocean depths and meet fish, coral and other marine life in your scuba gear. Botany: Grow your knowledge of the natural world with stickers like plants, flowers, and tools for preserving plant specimens. Paleontology: Get digging and learn about paleontology with dinosaur bone, fossil and dig tool stickers. Physiology & Medicine: Be a doctor and help a patient in need with stickers like band aids, a cast, medicine, etc. Science! STEM Sticker Adventure introduces girls to science and opens the door to future careers in the field. The book also contains ideas for activities to help your kids learn even more about science. Build and nurture their excitement and who knows where it might lead one day? If you're looking for a perfect rainy day activity, or a way to keep curious and clever girls age 4 to 8 occupied on a long car trip or plane ride, Science! STEM Sticker Adventure is the ideal sticker book for you. Pick up a copy today.Different from Other Activity Books & STEM Toys This book is different from other sticker books for girls because it introduces girls to STEM skills in a way that other kids sticker books do not. Science! STEM Sticker Adventure uses dynamic scenes to introduce seven scientific disciplines, and includes ideas for easy science projects for kids at the end. Many other kids activity books, especially stickers for girls, focus on superficial things like dressing girl characters. In contrast, girls can use these science and girl stickers to come up with their own science games and adventures. Also, unlike other STEM toys for girls and science experiments for kids, this book is virtually mess-free. How to Use This Sticker Book to Raise Confident Girls If your child is in preschool:Sticker books with small stickers are fun for teaching your preschooler how to identify colors, numbers, and objects. Your little girl can practice her motor and cognitive skills as she peels the two of you cute stickers and matches them with the corresponding scene. You can start teaching her the basics about different scientific disciplines, and the different environments in the world around us. If your child is of school age: Your child can now play with stickers on her own and not just in this activity book. She may want to use some in her scrapbook or notebook as well! She will also love bonding with you as you explore storytelling together and create an adventure of your very own.
  • From the Desk of Zoe Washington

    Janae Marks

    Hardcover (Katherine Tegen Books, Jan. 14, 2020)
    An Amazon Best Book of the Month * #1 Kids Indie Next List * A Junior Library Guild Selection * Four Starred Reviews From debut author Janae Marks comes a captivating story full of heart, as one courageous girl questions assumptions, searches for the truth, and does what she believes is right—even in the face of great opposition. Zoe Washington isn’t sure what to write. What does a girl say to the father she’s never met, hadn’t heard from until his letter arrived on her twelfth birthday, and who’s been in prison for a terrible crime? A crime he says he never committed. Could Marcus really be innocent? Zoe is determined to uncover the truth. Even if it means hiding his letters and her investigation from the rest of her family. Everyone else thinks Zoe’s worrying about doing a good job at her bakery internship and proving to her parents that she’s worthy of auditioning for Food Network’s Kids Bake Challenge.But with bakery confections on one part of her mind, and Marcus’s conviction weighing heavily on the other, this is one recipe Zoe doesn’t know how to balance. The only thing she knows to be true: Everyone lies."When Marcus tells Zoe he is innocent, and her grandmother agrees, Zoe begins to learn about inequality in the criminal justice system, and she sets out to find the alibi witness who can prove his innocence." (Publishers Weekly, "An Anti-Racist Children's and YA Reading List")
  • The Hardy Boys Secret Files Collection Books 1-5: Trouble at the Arcade; The Missing Mitt; Mystery Map; Hopping Mad; A Monster of a Mystery

    Franklin W. Dixon, Scott Burroughs

    Paperback (Aladdin, Aug. 5, 2014)
    It’s five times the mysteries—and five time the fun—with this paperback boxed set of The Hardy Boys Secret Files adventures!When there’s trouble brewing in Bayport, brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are the go-to guys for solving cases. Help crack the first five cases in the Hardy Boys chapter book series! This boxed set includes:Trouble at the ArcadeThe Missing MittMystery MapHopping MadMonster of a Mystery
  • Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, Part 2: The Revenge of the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers

    Dav Pilkey

    Hardcover (Scholastic Inc., Dec. 26, 2018)
    Bionic boogers return in the seventh book in this #1 New York Times bestselling series by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Dog Man!George and Harold thought they were beyond boogers. Their new pet, Sulu the Bionic Hamster, had defeated the Bionic Booger Boy, and through the wonders of science, Melvin Sneedly had been brought back to normal (well, almost normal). It looked like their last adventure was actually going to have a happy ending... except for one thing (well, three things) -- the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers. Now George, Harold, and their buddies are on the run -- with the Robo-Boogers in hot, gooey pursuit! Will the boys get away from these gross globs, or will Sulu have to save the day again?
  • Trapped in a Video Game: The Final Boss

    Dustin Brady, Jesse Brady

    Paperback (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Feb. 26, 2019)
    Kids who love video games will love this fifth and final installment of the 5-book series about 12-year old Jesse Rigsby and the wild adventures he encounters inside different video games.Age Level: 8-12 Grade Level: 3rd and upJesse and Eric have ten minutes to save the world. In those ten minutes, they’re supposed to dive into a massive video game universe, track down an all-powerful madman, and stop his evil plan before it’s too late. Sound impossible? It’s super impossible. There will be fire-breathing pterodactyls, angry green giants, and unicorns that shoot lasers out of their hooves. If Jesse and Eric are going to survive long enough to fight the final boss, they’ll need to rely on each other like never before. Do they have what it takes? The clock is ticking.
  • How to Draw Animals

    Barbara Soloff Levy

    Paperback (Dover Publications, May 19, 2008)
    This easy-to-follow guide shows how simple it is to draw pictures of your favorite animals. With it you’ll soon be able to create charming portraits of a dog, cat, leopard, moose, giraffe, panda, goose, duck, rooster, lamb, rabbit, cow, camel, elephant, and 16 other creatures.Clear, step-by-step diagrams explain how to join circles, ovals, and other shapes to create a zoo full of easily recognizable figures. Some erasing may be necessary, so use a pencil — not a pen. Just follow the instructions and you’ll soon be drawing excellent likenesses of a smiling chimpanzee, a prickly porcupine, a bushy-tailed squirrel, and other familiar animals.
  • I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944

    Lauren Tarshis

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., Feb. 25, 2014)
    One of the darkest periods in history...In a Jewish ghetto, Max Rosen and his sister Zena struggle to live after their father is taken away by the Nazis. With barely enough food to survive, the siblings make a daring escape from Nazi soldiers into the nearby forest.Max and Zena are brought to a safe camp by Jewish resistance fighters. But soon, bombs are falling all around them. Can Max and Zena survive the fallout of the Nazi invasion?