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  • Realistic Dinosaurs Stickers

    Turi MacCombie

    Paperback (Dover Publications, June 20, 1994)
    Here's an exciting sticker collection sure to motivate young science students and delight older dinosaur fans as well. Sixteen full-color, peel-and-apply illustrations depict such formidable creatures as the long-necked apatosaurus, the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, the spiny-plated stegosaurus, the triple-horned triceratops, and others. Perfect for enhancing school assignments, these realistically rendered stickers will also add interest to lunch boxes, notebook covers, and other flat surfaces.
  • Create Your Own Rain Forest Sticker Picture: With 35 Reusable Peel-and-Apply Stickers

    Turi MacCombie

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Jan. 6, 1995)
    This fascinating activity book encourages youngsters to explore and learn about the rain forest, home to an incredible wealth of animal and plant species. A large laminated backdrop printed in full color on the inside covers reveals a typical rain forest scene of luxuriant trees, vines, flowers, and other tropical vegetation. To bring the scene to life, simply remove the staples and sticker pages to use the big 18 1/2-inch by 12 1/4-inch scene located on the inside front and back covers. Select from 35 full-color stickers depicting typical rain forest creatures โ€” parrots, monkeys, butterflies, frogs, lizards, hummingbirds, a tree-climbing snake, a leopard, and more โ€” and apply them to the laminated scene. You can use these colorful, realistic stickers over and over again to create many different scenes โ€” it's and entertaining and informative way to learn all about life in the rain forest.
  • North American Wildflowers Stickers

    Turi MacCombie

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Oct. 16, 2003)
    These delicate beauties of nature will add sparkle and pizazz wherever they're applied. Forty-nine lovely illustrations depict the Turk's-cap lily, blue flag iris, roseshell azalea, painted trillium, columbine, Dutchman's breeches, and other exquisite blossoms. Ideal for enhancing letters, cards, gift packages, and other flat surfaces. 49 full-color stickers on 4 plates.
  • Little Bunny's Magic Nose

    Turie Maccombie

    Hardcover (Western Publishing Company, Feb. 15, 1991)
    A bunny uses his magic powers to change the color of his friends, but when he accidentally changes colors himself, he needs their help
  • Wildflowers Stickers: 27 Full-Color Pressure-Sensitive Designs

    Turi MacCombie

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Feb. 16, 1996)
    Beautiful, accurate depictions of Virginia bluebell, painted trillium, buttercup, Dutchmanโ€™s breeches, morning glory, many more. Enhance stationery, packages, containers, etc.
  • Velveteen Rabbit

    Turi MacCombie

    Hardcover (Unicorn Pub House, Sept. 1, 1992)
    The Velveteen Rabbit Story Book and Pop-Out Ornaments
  • Follow the Polar Bears

    Sonia Black, Turi MacCombie

    Paperback (Cartwheel Books, Feb. 1, 2001)
    Traces the life cycle of polar bears, from the birth of twin cubs, through their infancy, until they leave their mother to seek mates of their own.
  • Dogs

    Jean Lewis, Turi MacCombie

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Dec. 7, 1993)
    Pictures and text introduce a number of dog breeds and basic facts about them.
  • Chocolate Dreams

    Arnold Adoff, Turi MacCombie

    Hardcover (Lothrop Lee & Shepard, Aug. 1, 1989)
    Original poems on a favorite subject by a chocolate lover.
  • Dogs

    Jean Lewis, Turi MacCombie

    Hardcover (Western Pub. Co, March 15, 1983)
    Pictures and text introduce a number of dog breeds and basic facts about them.
  • My Little Golden Book of Dogs

    Turi MacCombie Lewis, Jean, Turi MacCombie

    Unknown Binding (Western Publishing, Jan. 1, 1983)
  • Realistic Dinosaurs Stickers

    Turi Maccombie

    Paperback (Dover Publications Inc., Feb. 1, 2000)
    Excellent Book