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  • Prince Augustus Cat Extraordinaire

    Anne Thorneycroft

    Have you ever felt alone and scared? Augustus felt that way too. He had no family, but he knew he belonged somewhere. His heart was bold and true and others saw in him noble qualities. He just knew there was a special family waiting for him. He knew that if he kept on looking, he would find where he belonged … and one day he did!
  • Fairy stories for adults to read to children

    Simon Thorneycroft

    These are longer than normal fairy stories, although there are some shorter ones. The stories can be read individually but they do link together. The stories are in a traditional style but do not hold to the normal stereotypes of princes and princesses. They have been written for adults to read to children but there will be children who would like to read the stories for themselves. Very young children may find some parts of some stories scary - so beware.
  • A Trip to America

    T. Thorneycroft

    Paperback (Forgotten Books, )
  • A Trip to America

    T Thorneycroft

    Hardcover (Palala Press, )
  • Nap Sack Cat Tales

    Berni Thorneycroft

    Paperback (AuthorHouse, July 6, 2009)
    Mykal Anjello is a very sweet orange cat with wild bob cat features including a bobbed tail. Her father, Paw Twit, looked the same, he too had a bobbed tail. He was very sweet natured and loved his home at Pringles. Since moving to Cape Breton from Montreal we lost Vincent van Cat, Rembrandt, mewnet and Picatso. all orange cats. So when Mykall Anjello came to live with us she became an in house cat accept when she escapes to eat grass.