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Books with author Sara R. Turnquist

  • Trail of Fears

    Sara R. Turnquist

    He’s a steadfast missionary. She’s a proud Cherokee. Can their love survive the brutal Trail of Tears?Thomas Greyson believes God had called him to spread the gospel. He leaves his sheltered world behind to live among the native peoples and teach in their school. But as the government tightens its grip, not everyone is ready to listen to the gospel’s message of love… least of all the stubborn beauty who stole his heart. Adsila resists bending her knee to the white man’s God when Thomas seemingly tries to steal away the last remaining shreds of her heritage. Is she prepared to fight him tooth and nail? But when he stands with her people in the face of hardship, her soul begins to long for the curious stranger and his unshakeable faith.Against impossible odds and staggering loss, can Thomas and Adsila find the strength to follow their hearts’ true path? Trail of Fears is a stirring historical romance that captures the heartbreaking reality of the Trail of Tears. If you like spirited characters, personal journeys of faith, and enduring love stories, then you’ll adore Sara R. Turnquist’s gripping tale of survival and salvation. Buy Trail of Fears to embark on a harrowing journey of faith and love today!
  • Jojo Goes to Camp

    Rachel V Bull, Sara R Turnquist

    Paperback (Independently published, Oct. 7, 2018)
    Join Jojo as she sets off to enjoy her first ever summer camp! What will she see? Who will she meet? What adventures await her? Share in her experiences and see how Jojo puts into action the lessons she has learned.
  • Jojo Goes to Work with Dad

    Rachel V Bull, Sara R Turnquist

    Paperback (Independently published, Dec. 20, 2018)
    Join Jojo as she sets off for a day of work with Dad! What kinds of things will she see? What will she do? Share in her adventure. Watch as Jojo learns new lessons and how they benefit Dad in his work. Could they help her, too?
  • A Less Convenient Path: Convenient Risk Series, Book 3

    Sara R. Turnquist, Becky Brabham

    She is in a hopeless situation. He doesn't have a chance. Mariena Gu Achi is lost. Her native nation has been ordered to a reservation, but her tribe was attacked en route. She and her young brother are all that remain. Wandering in a wilderness filled with dangerous animals, she doesn't have a prayer of survival. Until... Cutie, a hand on the Miller ranch, happens upon them as he is running from his own demons. But will they add to his troubles? Or will Mariena awaken something in him he never expected? Even bring him to believe in himself once more? A Less Convenient Path is a story of two people without peace. Will they find in each other the very things they are missing?