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  • Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the American West

    Steven Kroll, Richard Williams

    Hardcover (Holiday House, Sept. 1, 1994)
    The story of their two-and-a-half-year expedition.
  • Criminy Kringle: And the Oversight that Almost Ruined Christmas

    Richard M. Williams, Jess Porta

    Paperback (Independently published, Nov. 21, 2018)
    Did you ever wonder where the phrase, "for Criminy's sake!" came from? Well you are about to find out. This is the story of one farsighted supply elf who almost ruined Christmas.
  • Sofia's Adventure Chest : Ballerina

    Ricky Williams

    Join Sofia as she plays dress up before bed. She loves to try on different costumes and pretend to be the person she dresses up as. Tonight though Sofia decides to be a Ballerina, with fun dress-ups along the way, what costume will Sofia be pulling out of her chest next?
  • Night Time Noah

    Ricky Williams

    language (, Jan. 15, 2019)
    Join Noah the Newt as he seeks out something that’s mysteriously twinkling in the Night.Noah finds himself lost and has to try and make his way back home to his family. With time getting late and everything going dark who knows what awaits Noah as he makes his way back home.
  • The Giant's Revenge :Children's ebooks 8-10; Fairy tales re-imagined: The tale of Jack and the Bean Stalk continues with his son and daughter

    Will Richards

    eBook (Moral Compass Publications UK, Dec. 26, 2013)
    The Tale of Jack and the Beanstalk continues An ideal first chapter book for children transitioning from picture books to chapter books ages 4-8If your children enjoyed the classic fairy tale, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, then they will love this children's fairy tale reimagined.Jack is now a Dad with two children, Dylan 13 and Lara 9, they live in a grand house gained from all the riches Jack stole from the Giant. Unfortunately, Jack did not realize the Giant had a twin brother and is looking for revenge. When Dylan is kidnapped it is down to Lara to save him. Using the magic objects in the chest and her winged friend Lara must defeat the Giant and rescue her brother. ˃˃˃ Fun to read aloud to your children at bed time too The Giant’s Revenge is fun to read to children from ages 4 years up or as a good transition book for children ages 6 plus. Fully illustrated throughout, this book can hold the attention of both a younger and older listener at bed time. I wrote this book for my eldest daughter lara (8) and read it many time to both Lara and her younger siblings, Jamie(6) and Chloe(4)˃˃˃ Here's what one reviewer in the UK said."A great book! Well written with fantastic pictures. Hits the mark with the targeted age group. We can't wait for the next one!" Andrew, Verified Reviewer, UK.˃˃˃ Looks awesome on iPads and Kindle devicesBeautifully illustrated by Pablo. The bright, colorful images look awesome on Kindle Fire and iPads. Remember if you dont have a eReader you can still enjoy this book in full colour on your PC. Just download the Kindle app for PC.Rekindle that love of fairy tales with your child today
  • The Legend of the Christmas Rose

    William H. Hooks, Richard Williams

    Library Binding (HarperCollins, Oct. 1, 1999)
    The younger sister of three shepherds secretly follows her brothers who are traveling to Bethlehem to see the Christ Child
  • Danny's Day At The Beach

    Ricky Williams

    language (, Feb. 5, 2019)
    Join Danny on another adventure where he meets up with his friend Max the Monkey.They go on a lovely bike ride to the beach and end up going on a mystery quest.What is it they both discover?
  • Luciee The Ladybird - Fly Away Home

    Ricky Williams

    language (, Jan. 30, 2019)
    Join Luciee the Ladybird as she seeks out a blue flower. She leaves the meadow and finds herself in a tricky situation.Will she find the blue flower?
  • Sofia's Adventure Chest : Pirate

    Ricky Williams

    language (, Feb. 8, 2019)
    Join Sofia as she Plays dress up.Each night before bed Sofia dresses up and goes on a little adventure, tonight she decides to dress up as a Pirate.What other costumes will Sofia try on? What adventure awaits tonight?
  • The Snake That Went to School

    Lilian Moore, Richard Williams

    Paperback (Scholastic Paperbacks, Oct. 1, 1987)
    After bringing a harmless snake home from camp, Hank finds that his mother does not share his fondness for reptiles
  • The Guns of Ticonderoga

    William T. Richardson

    Paperback (Trafford Publishing, Sept. 13, 2006)
    In the winter of 1775-76 two 13-year-old boys join their fathers in assisting Henry Knox in delivering 120,000 pounds of Fort Ticonderoga cannon to George Washington at Boston.
  • W32BS - Foundations for Superior Performance: Tuba by Richard Williams

    Richard Williams; Jeff King

    Paperback (Kjos Music Company (1997-06-30), Aug. 16, 1656)