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Books with author Richard Scarry

  • Richard Scarry's Rabbit and His Friends

    Richard Scarry

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Jan. 14, 2020)
    A classic Little Golden Book about a sweet and unusual creature, written and illustrated by Richard Scarry in 1953, is back in print!When Rabbit finds an egg, he assumes it belongs to Hen, until it hatches. Out of the egg comes an adorable roly-poly animal with webbed feet and a beak like Duck, a tail and fur coat like Beaver, and a shy dispostion like Squirrel. This funny story about a platypus who becomes friends with everyone was written and illustrated by Richard Scarry in 1953. It is now back in print in the Little Golden Book line. Perfect for Easter baskets, baby showers, and year-round fun, this book is sure to become a family storytime favorite!
  • I Am A Bunny

    Ole Risom, Richard Scarry

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Jan. 6, 2015)
    Cuddle up with Nicholas the bunny in Richard Scarry's beloved classic. I am a bunny. My name is Nicholas. I live in a hollow tree.In the spring, Nicholas picks flowers and chases butterflies, and in the summer, watches the frogs in the pond. In the autumn, he sees the animals preparing for the winter. When winter comes, Nicholas watches the snow falling from the sky, then curls up in his hollow tree and dreams about spring. In print for well over 50 years, this beautifully illustrated, gentle story has been a favorite Golden Book for generations.
  • Richard Scarry's Smokey the Fireman

    Richard Scarry

    Paperback (Random House Books for Young Readers, July 14, 2015)
    Comical adventure and silly mishaps are hallmarks of Richard Scarry’s stories, and this Step 2 early reader delivers both. Smokey the fireman puts out fires with his fire truck, but when he’s in the country, a bucket brigade will have to do! And whether you’re in the city or the country, it’s always a great idea to have some berry pie at the end of a busy day of firefighting! Step 2 Readers use basic vocabulary and short sentences to tell simple stories, for children who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help.
  • Richard Scarry's Best Little Board Book Ever

    Richard Scarry, Random House

    Board book (Golden Books, July 23, 2013)
    Concepts like colors and simple words have never been easier and more fun than when presented by Richard Scarry. Here are two classic board books, THE COLOR BOOK and EARLY WORDS, available for the first time together in one volume.Frannie the bunny shows you all the important words to identify what's in your room, your bathroom, your closet, the kitchen, and the playground. Then Mr. Paint Pig introduces eight colors that brighten the world. Originally published in 1976, these two bestselling board books sold a combined 500,000 copies. Now, bound together for the first time, this is the must-have title that's just the right level for young minds and just the right size for small hands hands.
  • Richard Scarry's Busytown Pop-Up Book

    Richard Scarry

    Hardcover (Random House Books for Young Readers, July 12, 1979)
    rubber band broken, extra piece that I am not sure where goes, please see pics.
  • Richard Scarry's Best Rainy Day Book Ever

    Richard Scarry

    Paperback (Golden Books, Dec. 28, 2004)
    Richard Scarry’s Best Rainy Day Book Ever has been delighting young Scarry fans for 30 years—and it is now available for a whole new generation. There are more than 500 wonderful things to make, play, and color. With just a few simple materials—and this book—children can keep themselves entertained for hours and hours!Richard Scarry has thrilled generations of children with his whimsical drawings and characters.
  • Richard Scarry's Busiest Firefighters Ever

    Richard Scarry

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Dec. 7, 1993)
    Fans of firefighters and fire truck will love this rollicking story from the great Richard Scarry!Sparky, Smokey, Snozzle, and Squirty are the valiant firepigs who keep Busytown safe. But their busy days are much more than just putting out fires. They come when Hilda drops her keys in the drain, and they help Mr. Frumble with his pickle car. It's also important that they keep the firehouse neat and clean. But, of course, putting out fires may be their most important job. Once again, Richard Scarry's trademark humor and silly picture details will enchant readers who, again and again, will want to hear the adventures of these perhaps overambitious firefighters.
  • Good Night, Little Bear

    Patsy Scarry, Richard Scarry

    Hardcover (Golden Books, June 1, 2001)
    First a story, and then a kiss from Mother Bear, and Father Bear carries Little Bear to bed. And that's when the fun begins. Father Bear gets to Little Bear's room, but Little Bear is missing! Little readers will see him hiding in the MOST obvious place but Father Bear cannot seem to find him. Is he under the stove? Is he in the garden? Is he in the woodbox? Only when Father Bear walks past the mirror does the silliness end, and in a very tasty way. With this, one of the most charming bedtime tales ever, Richard Scarry has once again proven his timeless appeal.
  • Richard Scarry's Best Christmas Book Ever!

    Richard Scarry

    Hardcover (Sterling, Oct. 5, 2010)
    Christmas is coming-and where better to celebrate than in Busytown? Firefighters are stringing lights, stores are crowded, and everyone is in a merry mood. Richard Scarry captures holiday cheer in a series of delightful and brightly illustrated stories featuring his most popular characters, including Huckle Cat and lovable Lowly Worm.Each small tale sparkles with joy and kindness-and there are also songs, games, a list of Christmas words, and instructions for making a great gift for Grandma!
  • About Animals

    Richard Scarry

    Paperback (Golden Pr, )
    Brief text and captioned drawings introduce animals living in a zoo, a circus, the ocean, and on a farm.
  • Night's Favor: A Werewolf Supernatural Thriller Adventure

    Richard Parry

    eBook (Mondegreen, June 2, 2017)
    Bad hangovers don’t usually come with a pile of bodies.Valentine surfaces after a drunken night to find drug megacorp Biomne after him. They unleash hired guns to bring Val in: no questions, and no witnesses. A criminally insane Russian's also hungering at his heels. Could one ravening sociopath be worse than an army?Val's newfound strength and speed might not be enough to save him. Gift or curse, he's got to master the monster within before he and everyone he knows ends up dead.Night’s Favor is the first book in Richard Parry’s gripping Night’s Champion trilogy. If you like supernatural suspense with great dialogue and heart-pumping action, pick this up today!WARNING: contains bloodthirsty werewolves, doing what's right, swearing, use of alcohol, the family you choose, and a high body count. Seek your physician's advice before opening.
  • Richard Scarry's Busytown on the Go!

    Richard Scarry

    Board book (Barron's Educational Series, )