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  • The Crazy Lizards of Lidoo Lagoon: 1

    Michael Hale

    eBook (ImagineC-N, June 17, 2015)
    Children's picture book with funny tongue twisters, and beautiful photos of rainbows and waterfalls. A wonderful read along for ages 5-9. The main character is Andrew, a seven year old boy who interacts with colorful lizards through a witty dialogue of tongue twisters and funny sayings.
  • Parrot and the Fig Tree

    Michael Harman

    Paperback (Dharma Publishing, Feb. 16, 2009)
    A parrot who dwells happily in a fruitful fig tree is tested for his loyalty to the tree by Shakra, king of the gods, who causes the tree to dry up.
  • A Child's Book of Prayers

    Michael Hague

    Paperback (Square Fish, Aug. 3, 2010)
    A Child's Book of Prayers is a perfect gift for any young child. Acclaimed artist Michael Hague has selected the most beloved and best-known prayers―from "The Lord's Prayer" to "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep"―and has illustrated them with joyful paintings full of love and spirit. This beautiful collection is sure to become a family treasure.
  • Brutal

    Michael Harmon

    eBook (Knopf Books for Young Readers, Feb. 18, 2009)
    With her martyr-doctor mother gone to save lives in some South American country, Poe Holly suddenly finds herself on the suburban doorstep of the father she never knew, who also happens to be a counselor at her new high school. She misses Los Angeles. She misses the guys in her punk band. Weirdly, she even misses the shouting matches she used to have with her mom.But Poe manages to find a few friends: Theo, the cute guy in the anarchy Tshirt, and Velveeta, her oddly likeable neighbor—and a born victim who’s the butt of every prank at Benders High. But when the pranks turn deadly at the hands of invincible football star Colby Morris, Poe knows she’s got to fix the system and take down the hero.With insightfulness, spot-on dialogue, and a swiftly paced plot, Michael Harmon tells the story of a displaced girl grappling with a truly dangerous bully.
  • A Child's Book of Prayers

    Michael Hague

    Hardcover (Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), Dec. 15, 1985)
    Michael Hague's beautifully illustrated, best-selling collection of traditional prayers. From "The Lord's Prayer" to "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," the nineteen verses included are familiar, comforting, and appropriate for even the youngest child, while Hague's art is full of love and spirit. Together, art and text create a keepsake that presents a reassuring vision of the world to its smallest inhabitants.
  • The Absurdity of Pride and the Peace of Humility: How We Can Reestablish Our Relationships with Other People, Other Groups, and Other Species to Live Peaceful Lives and Avoid Extinction

    Michal H. Hall

    eBook (Balboa Press, April 24, 2014)
    After several years of research into the new discoveries of science and cosmology and the new translations of the worlds religions, I have found that we are not only going extinct, but that we are the ones doing it through pride and arrogance. We as a species have developed an addiction to this ugly, disconnecting emotion. Totally lost to us is the unifying, sustainable emotion of humility. Clearly, unless we can recover humilitys natural state, we will continue in the violent, frightened, unjust lifestyle of pride, and we will force our own speciesand many others on the Earthinto extinction. This book maps out our personal, group, and species pride so there can be no doubt of its powerful influence inand lethal power overeverything about us. A study of how we can get out of pride and into a state of humility occupies most of the book because that is what we must do right now. If we are to live enjoyable and meaningful lives and have a future, we must throw off pride and enter into humility. This book is a map, guide, and call to hope for our joyful and sustainable future. Its a call to come out of our slavery to self to see and embrace other humans, groups, and species of the Earth. In this new state of humility, we will be released to see ourselves not just as citizens of the Earth, but as citizens of the cosmos. In humility, we will discover that we are not the center of anything but an important part of everything. We will throw off things like prides violence, illusions of control, worry, fear, anger, fighting, comparing, judging, competing, and taking everything personally. We will take on humilitys laughterespecially at ourselveslove, justice, peace, forgiveness, identifying with and appreciating everything, and being all-inclusive. The natural thing would have been for us to evolve into humility. It is the only way that any reflective species in the cosmos can ever hope to survive and flourish.
  • Pulse

    Michael Harvey

    eBook (Bloomsbury Publishing, Nov. 15, 2018)
    Stranger Things meets The Departed. A hugely original thriller, with film rights already snapped up by New Line CinemaDaniel Fitzsimmons seems like an ordinary American teenager. He loves his brother, his friends, his school work. But Daniel has powers. Powers that he does not understand and is not sure he can control. Daniel can't risk telling those around him what is happening, but when a mysterious stranger offers an insight into what he is experiencing, he becomes Daniel's unofficial mentor. And when a tragedy threatens to derail his life, and with the police growing ever more interested in his past, Daniel's powers will finally come into their own.
  • A Child's Book of Prayers

    Michael Hague

    Board book (Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), Feb. 16, 2010)
    Michael Hague's beautifully illustrated, best-selling collection of traditional prayers is now available in an updated board book format. From "The Lord's Prayer" to "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," the verses included are familiar, comforting, and appropriate for even the youngest child. The art is full of love and spirit, presenting a reassuring vision of the world.
  • Historic Photos of Dallas

    Michael V. Hazel

    Hardcover (Turner, Nov. 1, 2006)
    Historic Photos of Dallas takes a look into the past of the Big D"" through striking historic photographs from the city's finest archives. From the rugged west to the largest corporate headquarter concentration in the United States, Historic Photos of Dallas provides a unique look into the city's past. With over 200 archival photos reproduced in multiple inks on heavy art paper in large format, many of which have never been published. This book is a perfect additin to any historian's collection.""
  • Michael Hague's Magical World of Unicorns

    Michael Hague

    Paperback (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, March 9, 2012)
    Michael Hague has long believed in magic -- the magic of unicorns. For years, his classic unicorn illustrations have sparked our imaginations, showcasing this mythical creature and its enchanted world. Here, Hague's paintings are brought together in one handsome volume and matched with excerpts from stories, poems, and legends to create a wondrous world of beauty and nostalgia. This dramatic presentation will transport you to the farthest reaches of your own imagination, and inspire you to share the magic with generations to come.
  • The 23rd Psalm: From the King James Bible

    Michael Hague

    Hardcover (Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), Sept. 15, 1999)
    The Lord is my shepherd,I shall not want.He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:He leadeth me beside still waters.The Twenty-Third Psalm is one of the most widely recognized and quoted passages of the Old Testament, and one of the first prayers that children are taught at home and in Sunday School. Michael Hague brings this most comforting psalm to life with his lavish and moving paintings of the natural world in harmony: there are beatific children and sweet baby animals and, presiding over all, the peaceful and loving presence of Jesus. This is a picture book that will be a perfect gift for a new baby, a child's first communion--or for any day that thanks are given.
  • Michael Hague's Family Easter Treasury

    Michael Hague

    Hardcover (Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), March 15, 1999)
    Beloved illustrator Michael Hague has brought together thirty-two of his favorite stories and poems in a joyous commemoration of Easter. There are entries for the oldest and the youngest family members to enjoy.The collection is divided into four sections: A Time of Faith, which recounts the story of Christ's death; A Time of Rebirth, which rejoices in the resurrection; A Time of Celebration, which extols the traditions of the Easter rabbit and painted eggs; and A Time of Love, which celebrates the wonder and new growth of the season. The anthology includes works by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, and many others.