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  • The Dog and the Dolphin

    James Dworkin, Michael Chelich

    What happens when a red Irish Setter becomes very bored one day on the beach? He might just find a new playmate in the most unexpected place! The Dog and the Dolphin is the captivating children’s book for kids prekindergarten through third grade that may just give them an altogether different perspective on the unlimited potential for making friends.Inspired by actual events observed by author James B. Dworkin at Sanibel Island, Florida, this spirited story about two unlikely beach buddies follows a red Irish Setter, who is lazing on shore one beautiful day. However, instead of enjoying his surroundings, the dog is absolutely bored. While he takes in all the fun things happening on the beach and in the water, he is still sad because he is all alone. Finally, he spies something in the water that changes his entire day. It’s a playful dolphin!Easy-to-grasp and engaging for children and parents alike, this charming tale of two companions illustrates how two individuals can come together to have a wonderful time, no matter how different they might be.