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  • Strength Training NOT Bodybuilding: How To Build Muscle & Burn Fat...Without Morphing Into A Bodybuilder

    Marc McLean

    How to build muscle and burn fat …without morphing into a big, bulky bodybuilder.Have you failed to get in great shape after weeks and months of going to the gym?Do you lack confidence in the gym, feel too weak, or feel self-conscious about your current bodyshape?Are you put off lifting weights because you don’t want to end up with the bulky, overgrown bodybuilder look?No need to worry. This book is all about strength training NOT bodybuilding – and yes there is a difference.It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting strength training, or have been hitting the gym for a while and are frustrated at not seeing any results. This is the essential guide on how to build muscle burn fat, and develop a lean, athletic, awesome body…instead of becoming a super-inflated bodybuilder.I’m Marc McLean, author of the Strength Training 101 book series, and I help people like you become leaner, stronger, more confident versions of themselves. It all begins with lifting weights, pushing yourself hard, and developing a rock solid body and mind.I have almost two decades worth of experience in weight training and, as an online personal trainer, I’ve helped numerous men and women push their limits and achieve what they never thought was possible.I want to help you too – and that's why I've published this book. There are many generic fitness books out there but few include highly effective weight training strategies that can transform your body and life. That’s because this book focuses on strengthening the mind and creating a new self-image…both of which are HUGE factors in achieving your goals in and out of the gym.This book includes the strategies that I’ve seen transform people from being self-conscious, unfit, self-critical, unhealthy and weak…to strong, lean, confident, and achieving their goals in and out of the gym.Believe it or not, strength training done properly goes way beyond building muscle and becoming fit. It boosts your self-esteem, strengthens the mind, gives you focus and drive, and has a positive knock-on effect on other areas of your life, from your career to your relationships.Remember it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting strength training, or are a bit more experienced. If you’re unhappy with your results in the gym then Strength Training NOT Bodybuilding: How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat…Without Morphing Into A Bodybuildercan be a game changer for you.Here’s a look at what’s included in the book: PART ONE: The Warm-UpChapter One: Strength Training NOT Bodybuilding…There Is A Difference Chapter Two: Getting Started With WeightsChapter Three: Overcoming The FearChapter Four: Preparation & Goal Setting For Maximum ResultsChapter Five: The Secret To Staying On Track PART TWO: In The GymChapter Six: The Way To Lean Muscle, Less Fat…And Solid StrengthChapter Seven: Compound Exercises: Bigger Movements, Better Results Chapter Eight: Muscle Isolation ExercisesChapter Nine: How To Create Your Own Workout Plans Chapter Ten: Gym Workout Mistakes Chapter Eleven: Bodybuilding Bullshit PART THREE: Outside The Gym Chapter Twelve: Strong Mind Chapter Thirteen: Strong BodyChapter Fourteen: Stronger Self ImageChapter Fifteen: Achieving The ‘Impossible’SPECIAL BONUS FOR READERSMy Strength Training 101 Exercises Guide bonus e-book is also available free to every reader. This includes demonstrations of all the best weight training moves for lean muscle and less fat. It shows you all the common mistakes to avoid so you can become a strength training pro in no time.
  • The Listener's NIV MP3 Audio Bible

    Max McLean

    MP3 CD (Fellowship for the Performing Arts, Oct. 15, 2002)
    4 MP3 CDs (77 hrs) New International Version
  • The Healing Power Of Ayahuasca: 16 Incredible Life Transformations That Will Inspire Your Self Discovery

    Marc McLean

    When Western medicine had failed them, these 16 people turned to the magical, mysterious plant medicine ayahuasca…And their lives changed forever. Could it do the same for you?In The Healing Power of Ayahuasca, author Marc McLean tells how the Amazonian medicine saved him at the lowest point of his life.His profound experiences inspired Marc to interview people from all over the world whose lives have been completely transformed after drinking ayahuasca.In this collection of incredible true stories, you’ll read about an American woman who overcame bulimia and the depression that had haunted her from the age of 11.A South African woman addicted to heroin for four years cured overnight.An elderly Dutchman aged 85 releasing childhood trauma from the Second World War.In this book:You’ll learn about the amazing healing power of ayahuasca for emotional, psychological and even physical issuesYou’ll be inspired that you too can overcome your darkest days with the help of ayahuasca, just like the people in this book who are now living healthier, happier livesYou’ll be given hope that you can become well again, even if doctors, therapists, or all other avenues of treatment have let you down in the pastThis is not one person’s life story that you probably won’t relate to, or a dramatised version of events at ayahuasca retreats filled with colour and lacking substance.Instead, 16 people share how they healed a multitude of illnesses and issues through ayahuasca, including PTSD, depression, sexual abuse trauma, eating disorders, crippling fear, chronic health problems, and more.These people openly share how they overcame the toughest times in their lives, their deep inward journeys with ayahuasca, and how they finally discovered who they really are.Want to learn all about their incredible stories, and find the inspiration for your own healing and self discovery? Order your copy of the book today.
  • Meal Prep Recipe Book: 50 Simple Recipes For Health & Fitness Nuts

    Marc McLean

    You DON'T have to eat boring, bland food to get in great shape....Many experts tell us that fitness is 30% exercise and 70% diet.This means that your exercise efforts will often be wasted if you don’t back them up with the right nutrients from good food sources.But what if you don’t know much about good nutrition? What if you can barely cook? What if you don’t have a clue about calories or the protein, carbs and fat in your meals?No need to worry…because this meal prep recipe book serves up 50 awesome fitness recipes that are simple to make - and ridiculously tasty. These nutrient-packed recipes make clean eating easy and prove that you don’t have to eat boring, bland food to get in great shape.This is not just a standard health and fitness cookbook. Each recipe also includes a calorie and macronutrients breakdown. Figuring out calories, carbs or grams of protein couldn’t be easier.Meal Prep: 50 Simple Recipes For Health & Fitness Nuts is all about preparing easy meals using fresh, whole foods. This meal prep recipe book empowers you to take full charge of your daily nutrition.Marc McLean, author and online personal training and nutrition coach, pulls together the favourite recipes he uses every week.Some recipes are basic. Some are a little fancier...but you still won’t find it difficult to cook them. The majority of recipes take less than 30 mins to prepare and you’ll love devouring them.After years of experimenting with foods from around the world, author Marc McLean has pulled together his best of the bunch recipes for clean eating. These include:*10 main meals (all ridiculously tasty)*10 breakfasts (with plenty of variety*10 soup recipes (simple and delicious)*10 ‘power shake’ recipes (jam-packed with vitamins and minerals)*10 healthy snacks (sooo good you wouldn’t believe they’re healthy)These recipes are ideal for people who exercise regularly and are looking for nutritious food to not only fuel their workouts, but help their body repair and recover afterwards.So let's get cooking...scroll up the page and order your copy today!
  • Loon: A Marine Story by McLean, Jack


    Paperback (Ballantine Books,2010, )
    Loon: A Marine Story by McLean, Jack [Ballantine Books, 2010] (Paperback) [Pa...
  • Buzzing Bees

    W. McLean

    Hardcover (Penton Overseas Inc, March 15, 1600)
  • The Year Of The Stranger.


    Paperback (Collins, March 15, 1900)