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  • The Trump Prophecies: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow...and What He Says Is Coming Next: UPDATED AND EXPANDED

    Mark Taylor

    Paperback (Defender Publishing, April 29, 2019)
    In November of 2016, the world witnessed the impossible. Nearly every household in America was tuned in to the election feeds, and every update pointed to a loss for the Republican Party. But when the map of the states flipped red in the final hour, there were a select few who weren't surprised. They had always known Trump was going to win. He was chosen for such a time as this. The prophecy had said so. This prophet, this reserved man of God, was retired firefighter Mark Taylor. The word given by the Holy Spirit was delivered on April 28, 2011, years before Trump's victory. The election, however, was only the beginning. In this UPDATED AND EXPANDED release of The Trump Prophecies, Defender Publishing revisits what the Lord revealed to Mark Taylor in both the celebrated "Commander-In-Chief Prophecy" that played such a key role in bolstering Trump's 2016 win, as well as many other messages the Holy Spirit inspired Taylor to write about what would transpire next for the most powerful nation on earth today. Fast forward… Halfway into Trump's first term, have Taylor's prophecies come true? Is Trump who he said he was, and is he delivering on the promises he made during his campaign? And what of the other prophecies God gave Mark regarding economics, criminal justice, leadership turnover in the Supreme Court, and several other specific details? Have all of these inspired writings carried equal reliability as "Commander-In-Chief"? So far, Mark Taylor is batting a thousand. In THE TRUMP PROPHECIES, UPDATED AND EXPANDED, readers will discover: *Which of Mark Taylor's prophecies have already been fulfilled *How the Lord can and will use anyone regardless of education, background, or health to communicate His message to the Church of Christ *What led to the miracle of the 2016 election, the role of we the people for the will of God in the future, and what the Body of Christ needs to do to keep His blessing on our nation *How the enemy has utilized techniques of distraction to keep the Body's focus off of God and onto internal, demoralizing disputes, and how this can be overcome *The positive message of hope and encouragement that points to fresh methods of spreading the Gospel to the lost
  • How

    Mari Taylor

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, July 2, 2014)
    A humorous guide about how to maintain a job written for young adults. This book is the first of many by a teen from Chattanooga, Tennessee who dreams of becoming an astronaut one day.
  • Care Bear Cousins: The Best Prize of All

    Mark Taylor

    Library Binding (Children's Press, Oct. 15, 1985)
    care bear collectable
  • Houghton Mifflin Reading Leveled Readers: Level 1.5.2 on LVL Places in the United States

    Mary Taylor

    Paperback (HOUGHTON MIFFLIN, Jan. 1, 2003)
    Inside front cover: "Strategy Focus - Think about the important places in the US that you learn about as you read this book." Pages begin: "This is a map of the United States ..." Inside back cover: "Responding - Think about What you read," going on to ask various questions, ending with a final section: "Making Connections ..."
  • Henry the Explorer

    Mark Taylor

    Hardcover (Little Brown, Jan. 1, 1966)
    The day after a blizzard Henry and his dog Angus decide to go exploring and perhaps find a bear.
  • Henry the explorer

    Mark- Taylor

    Unknown Binding (Oliver & Boyd, Jan. 1, 1967)
  • Henry, the Castaway

    Mark Taylor

    Paperback (Aladdin Paperbacks, June 1, 1978)
    Henry and his dog Angus set out to discover uncharted seas but become marooned on an uninhabited island with a storm approaching
  • Henry the Explorer by Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    Hardcover (Purple House Press, March 15, 1848)
  • The Bold Fisherman

    Mark Taylor

    Hardcover (Golden Gate Junior Books, March 15, 1967)
  • By Mark Taylor - The Case of the Purloined Compass

    Mark Taylor

    Library Binding (Atheneum, March 16, 1985)
    Former library book. Very Good condition!!
  • Jennie Jenkins

    Mark Taylor

    Paperback (Scholastic, March 15, 1975)
  • Henry Explores the Jungle

    mark taylor

    Hardcover (Atheneum, March 15, 1968)