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  • The Union

    T.H. Hernandez

    eBook (T.H. Hernandez, Nov. 14, 2017)
    After global warming and a second civil war devastated the former United States, two different societies rose from the ashes – the Union, a towering high-tech utopia, hugging the perimeter of the continent, and the devastated, untamed midsection known as the Ruins.Seventeen-year-old Evan Taylor has an easy, privileged life in the Union. What she doesn’t have is any idea what to do with the rest of her life. She only knows she wants to do something meaningful, to make a difference in the lives of others.When she’s kidnapped and taken into the Ruins as a pawn in a dispute involving her boyfriend, Bryce, her ideal world is turned upside down. What she learns while in the Ruins shakes her faith in everything she’s ever known, from Bryce, to her family, and even the Union itself.Now Evan must choose whether to stay with Cyrus, the sexy, resourceful survivor who believes she’s in the Ruins for a reason, or return to the only life she’s ever known. But when she stumbles upon a dangerous plot that threatens both worlds, her decision could tear her apart.The Union is a futuristic young adult romantic adventure.
  • Gilley The Silly Leprechaun: A Saint Patrick's Day Story For Children

    Mac Hernandez

    language (, March 14, 2020)
    Gilley was a silly Leprechaun who never did what he was told and that's why he lost all his precious gold. This humorous, rhyming story and simple activity book for kids is a great gift to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • The Uprising

    T.H. Hernandez

    language (T.H. Hernandez, Nov. 14, 2017)
    Recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound, eighteen-year-old Evan Taylor must find a way to stop the Uprising, an underground movement committed to destroying the Union, before her homeland is attacked.After spending the last four months in the Ruins trying to get back to the only girl he's ever loved, nineteen-year-old Cyrus needs to get past his jealousy over Evan's involvement with Bryce or risk losing her again. Together, Evan and Cyrus join with their friends to devise a plan to save both the Ruins and the Union, but when the pressure’s on, bickering and infighting threaten to undermine their goals. New information revealing a weakness in the Uprising is uncovered, forcing them to act quickly or risk losing everything.With the help of old friends and new allies they set out to make history, but it might just take a miracle for everyone to make it out alive.THE UPRISING is the third book in THE UNION series, a young adult romantic adventure set in the near future.
  • The Resistance

    T.H. Hernandez

    language (T.H. Hernandez, Feb. 7, 2020)
    Fighting back is twice as hard when battling on two fronts.Living in an encampment in the Ruins, life is harsh for most Unis in the Resistance, but for Cyrus and the other Ruins survivors, it's just more of the same. While training for their ultimate mission to take down the Uprising, tragedy strikes, turning Evan's and Cyrus's world upside down. Before they can recover, they discover someone in their ranks is working against them.Facing tougher odds than they ever imagined, the group realizes the only hope they have of saving the world they know is to find help. When no one is above suspicion, even accomplishing everyday tasks is fraught with danger, but seeking out reinforcements could mean the end of the Resistance and all of them along with it.
  • The Invasion

    T.H. Hernandez

    language (T.H. Hernandez, Aug. 1, 2017)
    They failed. Evan and Cyrus risked everything to keep the Uprising from attacking the unarmed Union, but something went terribly wrong. Evan’s home has been invaded by soldiers who are killing government officials and occupying the homes of her fellow citizens.Captured by the Uprising, Evan fights for her life and her sanity, desperate to escape so she can find Cyrus and her family.Reeling from an unexpected discovery, Cyrus is adrift until he uses his Uprising training to find a way to fight back against the invading force the only way he knows how.With the help of old friends and new, they will do whatever it takes to protect each other and those they love, even if it means sacrificing being together, their way of life, and even their very lives.
  • Gilley The Silly Leprechaun: A Saint Patrick's Day Story For Children

    Mac Hernandez

    Paperback (Independently published, March 5, 2020)
    Gilley was a silly Leprechaun who never did what he was told and that's why he lost all his precious gold. This humorous, rhyming story and simple activity book for kids is a great gift to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Beware the Elves

    Mr. Mac Hernandez

    Paperback (Independently published, Dec. 16, 2019)
    It's winter break and 9-year-old Rainy Day is glad to get away from the stresses of school. Her break is interrupted when a neighborhood cat named Major Whiskers brings a mysterious note to her. The note warns her to BEWARE THE ELVES. With the help of her best friends, Haley and Kinsey, this sleuthing trio tries to solve the mystery of the note. This isn’t their first time solving a mystery brought to them by the mischievous cat. When Rainy and her family first moved to the town of Danvers, she was warned to Beware the Clowns. The three best friends don’t know who’s sending them these messages, but they do know when they get a BEWARE note, trouble isn’t too far away. Join them in their adventure to see why they should BEWARE THE ELVES.
  • From Farmworker to Astronaut / De Campesino a Astronauta: My Path to the Stars / Mi viaje a las estrellas

    Jose M. Hernandez

    Paperback (Pinata Books, Oct. 31, 2019)
    Ten-year-old Jose M. Hernandez watched the Apollo 17 moonwalks on his family s black and white television in 1972 and knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: an astronaut. Later that night he told his father and was surprised when his dad said, You can do this, m'ijo!Mr. Hernandez told his son that if he really wanted to become an astronaut, he would need to follow a simple, five-ingredient recipe to succeed: 1) decide what you want, 2) recognize how far you are from your goal, 3) draw a road map to get there, 4) prepare yourself with a good education, and 5) develop a good work ethic, always giving more than required. In the years to come, Jose would follow this recipe as he obtained undergraduate and master s degrees in electrical engineering. Adding his own ingredient, perseverance, he applied to NASA s astronaut program eleven times and was rejected each time! Finally, in 2004, he was selected to be part of the 19th class of US Astronauts. He achieved his dream in 2009 when he served as the flight engineer on the Space Shuttle Discovery on the STS-128 fourteen-day mission to the International Space Station.In From Farmworker to Astronaut, Jose M. Hernandez recollects his parallel journeys, juxtaposing memories of his mission to the space station and childhood aspirations to reach the stars. His story is sure to motivate kids to set goals and reach for their own dreams.
  • The Ultimate Titmouse Bird Photo Book: Looking through the eyes of these small songbird from North America

    Maria Hernandez

    language (, March 21, 2020)
    Inside this book are photo collection of high-quality beautiful pictures of titmouse birds. Photographers devoted their body and soul to capture the captivating different faces of these small songbird from North America. Each photograph is warm and inviting. Includes close-up, and colored photos of these titmouse.
  • The Ruins

    T.H. Hernandez

    language (T.H. Hernandez, Nov. 14, 2017)
    Heartbroken, grief-stricken, and wracked with guilt, seventeen-year-old Evan Taylor returned to the Union, leaving behind the boy she loved. Now, she and her friends must find a way to do the impossible – warn the citizens of the Union about an impending rebel attack without alerting the government and risking retaliation against her friends in the Ruins. When every move Evan makes is thwarted, it soon becomes clear she's being watched. Faced with a daily fight to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, she returns to the Ruins. But life in the Ruins has its own dangers, and soon she’s fighting a different battle – to stay alive long enough to discover the truth.
  • The Wright Brothers

    Marissa Hernandez

    Perfect Paperback (Teacher Created Materials -, July 2, 2018)
    The Wright brothers wanted to build a flying machine. The path to achieve their dream was filled with many obstacles. Countless hours would be spent studying and testing their plans. But their hard work paid off, and today they are known as the "forefathers of flight." Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this Smithsonian Informational Text builds students' reading skills while engaging their curiosity about STEAM topics through real-world examples. It features a hands-on STEAM challenge that guides students through every step of the engineering design process and is perfect for makerspace activities. It makes STEAM career connections by providing a glimpse into the lives of real-life Smithsonian employees currently working in STEAM fields. Discover engineering innovations that solve real-world problems with this book that touches on all aspects of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math!
  • Flowers and Fairies

    Martin Hernandez

    eBook (, June 3, 2020)
    Fairies are everywhere, but as this book demonstrates, they especially love flowers! From hiding in flower petals to speaking to their favorite flowers for hours, Fairies and Flowers shows you bright beautiful flowers and the fairies that like to play in them!