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  • Sefie's Ghost: A Woman's Journey to Self-Discovery and Redemption

    G. G. Gutierrez

    Paperback (New World Structures, May 26, 2017)
    Sefie’s Ghost is a uniquely American story. It speaks to the dramatic evolution of Latinas in 20th-century America, which is too often ignored by mainstream American culture. The book traces the awakening and profound transformation of Sefie, a migrant Mexican-American woman in pre- and post-World War II California. Sefie overcame limitations of ethnicity, gender, culture, and education; survived an abusive marriage; and raised eight children. Drawing upon an indomitable spirit and a deep faith, she broke free from the tyranny of male entitlement to claim a life of dignity and self-reliance for herself and her children. Like Sefie, so many women today are trapped by the daily imperatives of economic survival. Yet they find the will and the way to step out of the shadows and redeem themselves and their children.