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Books with author Leonard Weisgard

  • Mr. Peaceable Paints

    Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Charles Scribner's Sons, June 15, 1956)
    Hard cover
  • Plymouth Thanksgiving, The

    Leonard Weiscard

    Paperback (Doubleday Books for Young Readers, Sept. 1, 1990)
    Tells of the Pilgrims' courage as they became acquainted with the Indians and produced food from the New England soil in 1620
  • Treasures to See: A Museum Picture-Book

    Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Harcourt, Brace & Co., Oct. 1, 1956)
    Explains the purpose of a fine arts museum, its main divisions, and the sort of things each contains.
  • The Funny Bunny Factory

    Adam Green, Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Grosset & Dunlap, Jan. 26, 2016)
    Discover a treasure trove of beautifully illustrated books with G&D Vintage! Featuring books from our Wonder Books line originally published in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, there's something for every reader in these timeless stories with classic illustrations.When hundreds of adorable bunnies make an abandoned factory their new home, they discover treasures like sugar eggs, penny candy, toys, and party hats. But one little bunny isn't interested in any of these discoveries...until he finds carrots!
  • Who dreams of cheese?

    Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (E.M. Hale and Co, March 15, 1963)
    This great vintage child's book still has years of reading life!
  • Silly Willy Nilly

    Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Charles Scribner's Sons, June 15, 1953)
  • Nannabah's Friend

    Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Oct. 30, 1989)
    A Navajo girl feels lonely tending sheep by herself for the first time until she makes some dolls to keep her company and, even better, meets a new friend
  • The Golden Christmas Tree

    Jan Wahl, Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Sept. 23, 2003)
    From the Golden Books archives comes a classic Christmas tale by a master storyteller and one of the great Golden Books illustrators.A forest is hushed for the animals' Christmas. The elephant brings a fir tree from far away, and the animals gather silently. . . . The kangaroos decorate the tree with pinecones, and the giraffe places a star at the top.โ€œNow, as it happened before, the lion lay down with the lamb. . . .โ€This beautifully told story by noted author Jan Wahl is brought to life with richly textured paintings by Caldecott Medalist Leonard Weisgard, celebrating the majesty and wonder of Christmas. It was originally published in 1988.
  • Grimms Fairy Tales

    N/A, Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (JUNIOR DELUXE EDITIONS, Jan. 1, 1954)
    These classic fairy tales have left an indelible mark on Western culture, a testament to the brilliance and skill of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The Golden Bird Hans In Luck Jorinda And Jorindel The Travelling Musicians Old Sultan The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean Briar Rose The Dog And The Sparrow The Twelve Dancing Princesses The Fisherman And His Wife The Willow-wren And The Bear The Frog-prince Cat And Mouse In Partnership The Goose-girl The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet Rapunzel Fundevogel The Valiant Little Tailor Hansel And Gretel The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage Mother Holle Little Red-cap [little Red Riding Hood]The Robber Bridegroom Tom Thumb Rumpelstiltskin Clever Gretel The Old Man And His Grandson The Little Peasant Frederick And Catherine Sweetheart Roland Snowdrop The Pink Clever Elsie The Miser In The Bush Ashputtel The White Snake The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids The Queen Bee The Elves And The Shoemaker The Juniper-tree The Turnip Clever Hans The Three Languages The Fox And The Cat The Four Clever Brothers Lily And The Lion The Fox And The Horse The Blue Light The Raven The Golden Goose The Water Of Life The Twelve Huntsmen The King Of The Golden Mountain Doctor Knowall The Seven Ravens The Wedding Of Mrs Fox The Salad The Story Of The Youth Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was King Grisly-beard Iron Hans Cat-skin Snow-White And Rose-Red
  • Big Book of Nursery Tales

    Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Putnam Publishing Group, The, )
  • Who Dreams of Cheese?

    Leonard Weisgard

    Hardcover (Scribner, Jan. 15, 1950)