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Books with author Laura Hunt

  • Stuart Little 2: The New Adventures of Stuart Little

    Laura Hunt

    Paperback (HarperFestival, June 4, 2002)
    When a sweet, lonely bird named Margalo falls into Stuart's life, he invites her into his home, but Margalo isn't as nice as she seems and Stuart must show her how important being nice can be. Original.
  • New Adventures of Stuart Little

    Laura Hunt

    School & Library Binding (Topeka Bindery, June 15, 2002)
  • Puppy Love

    Laura Hunter

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, June 1, 2012)
    A love story about a girl and her puppy, and the special kind of love that comes from a furry friend. Written as a children's story but meant to be enjoyed by all ages! 15% of proceeds from this book go toward animal-related charities of the author's choice.
  • The Magic Forest

    Laura Hundley

    Paperback (iUniverse, Dec. 17, 2007)
    When I was a child, I was told of a place of beauty and magic, fondly dubbed The Magic Forest. It was full of an entirely colorful cast of characters, fairies, creatures, animals, events that shaped their lives, and how they look out for us in the real world. Not that the Magic Forest isn't real. In fact, the animals you see every day just may be one of the creatures of the forest keeping an eye on you. Hence, the squirrel in your backyard could be Ivan, the seagull at the beach could be Larry the Laughing Gull (I saw him once or twice myself), and the crow could be O'Malley and his gang-but we will get into that later.The magic is everywhere!

    Laura Hunt

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, )