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Books with author Kristina Stephenson

  • Dancing with Elvis


    Hardcover (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Aug. 30, 2005)
    In Clover, Texas, in the late 1950s, high-schooler Frankilee deals with a devious and manipulative, not to mention prettier and more talented, foster sister, a boyfriend she does not want, and a community divided over school integration.
  • On the Day You Were Born

    Sophie Piper, Kristina Stephenson

    Hardcover (Lion Children's Books, March 18, 2005)
    This picture book expresses all the hopes, dreams and wishes that a grown-up feels for a newborn child. It is written as speaking to the child when they are a little older, and can be given as a constant reminder to the child that, from the very beginning, they have been loved and cherished.
  • The Angel and the Lamb: A story for Christmas

    Sophie Piper, Kristina Stephenson

    language (Lion Children's Books, Sept. 18, 2012)
    A young angel and a appealingly illustrated animal together witness the events of the birth of Jesus. A little lamb sees the crowds on their way to Bethlehem, and wants to join in the fun himself. Off he sets on the road to Bethlehem, without his shepherd boy, but soon becomes lost! He is saved by a watching angel who leads him to the stable where he finally meets the baby Jesus and is reunited with his shepherd. Charming illustrations from Red House Children's Book Award-shortlisted Kristina Stephenson make this an endearing read to share during the run-up to Christmas, looking at the familiar story from a new angle.
  • Child of Bethlehem

    Elena Pasquali, Kristina Stephenson

    eBook (Lion Children's Books, Sept. 18, 2012)
    Closely following the Gospels, this lilting retelling of the nativity perfectly matches Kristina Stephenson's heartwarming illustrations which put children at the heart of the story. Elena Pasquali tells the stories of Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men as they journey to the stable in Bethlehem, with gentle moments aside to remember the children of Bethlehem who watch eagerly on as the miraculous events of the first Christmas unfold. A delightful retelling of the nativity to bring you to the heart of Christmas.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Barrie Wade, Kristina Stephenson

    Library Binding (Picture Window Books, Sept. 1, 2002)
    Lost in the woods, a tired and hungry girl finds the house of the three bears in the woods and helps herself to their belongings.
  • The Angel and the Dove: A Story for Easter

    Sophie Piper, Kristina Stephenson

    Hardcover (Lion Hudson, Jan. 1, 2010)
    A nesting dove and an angel have had a very sad day. But together they find happiness in the miracles of spring . This charming picture book gently touches on the events of the first Easter with a heartwarming message about new life.
  • The Time-for-bed Angel

    Ronica Stromberg, Kristina Stephenson

    eBook (Lion Children's Books, Sept. 18, 2012)
    This warm and funny tale is told in few words and expressive pictures. The reader sees a rushed-off-his-feet guardian angel race around keeping a mischievous little boy safe before he finally snuggles down to sleep. A lovely bedtime book for all mischievous toddlers - boys as well as girls - that will reassure them of the love that encircles them all through the day and night.
  • Time to See the Doctor

    Heather Maisner, Kristina Stephenson

    Paperback (Kingfisher, Nov. 11, 2004)
    This charming new picture book series of heartwarming stories and illustrations will help prepare young children for new situations. The First-Time Stories series stars six-year-old Amy and her little brother, Ben, who―like all preschool children―have mixed feelings about first-time experiences. These gentle, warmly illustrated stories present a positive message about change and growing up. A must-have addition to every young family's library.Ben has an earache, but he's too scared to let the doctor check him. When Amy volunteers to be examined and gets a sticker for being brave, Ben decides that maybe the doctor isn't so scary, after all!
  • The Baby Girl Bible

    Sarah Toulmin, Kristina Stephenson

    Hardcover (Lion Hudson Plc, )
  • Our New Baby

    Heather Maisner, Kristina Stephenson

    Paperback (Kingfisher, April 14, 2005)
    Amy is thrilled that Mom is expecting a baby, but Ben doesn't like the idea of a new sibling. Ben's discovery that being a big brother can be fun will help allay the anxieties that young children often experience on the arrival of a new sibling.
  • I Love You, Mommy

    Jillian Harker, Kristina Stephenson

    Hardcover (Parragon Publishing, Aug. 16, 2005)
    Celebrate the love between parent and child with this adorable storybook set! I Love You, Mommy and I Love You, Daddy perfectly expresses the unconditional love parents and children share. Each beautiful book features: · Colorful illustrations · Tender text · Charming bear characters · And more! Perfect for mommies and daddies everywhere to enjoy with their children!
  • Time to See the Doctor

    Heather Maisner, Kristina Stephenson

    Hardcover (Gardners Books, Sept. 30, 2004)