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Books with author June V. Evers

  • Mazes & Connect the Dots: Volume 1: Horses!

    June V. Evers

    Paperback (Horse Hollow Press, Nov. 1, 2008)
    Full of bucking, galloping, rearing, and running horses, this collection of activities will appeal to children of all ages. Arranged in a progression from simple to more complex, these horse-themed connect-the-dot images and mazes will hold the interest of children learning to count as well as older, horse-loving children.
  • The Wonderful Life of Lola: A Day at the Beach

    June V. Evers

    Paperback (Horse Hollow Press, April 30, 2006)
    This activity book features more than 25 photographs of Lola—an American Miniature horse, a breed enjoying fast-growing popularity—dressed up in the latest beach fashions, even fabulous sunglasses! Following Lola's surf-and-sun adventures, children find connect-the-dots puzzles, word scrambles, mazes, and hidden picture challenges that offer simple life lessons. Also included is a "draw your own horse" page, as well as instructions for writing and mailing a letter to Lola, to which she will reply with a small autographed poster and news about her activities.
  • Mazes & Connect the Dots Volume 1: Horses!

    June Evers

    Paperback (Horse Hollow, March 15, 2007)