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  • The Strange

    JB Murray

    eBook (Indies United Publishing House, LLC, July 20, 2018)
    Edgar Allan Poe… haunted… dark… mysterious… time traveler?A timeless nightmare stalks both the day and night. It’s taken everything from Poe, compelling the man to traverse time itself in search of a savior.Reynolds, a man broken by tragedy, and Clara, a woman who’s lost so much in her young life are thrust together by the enigmatic Poe to aid his quest. Will the two succeed in hunting the most cunning of history’s greatest monsters? Or will they become the hunted?Meanwhile in Europe, Byron and Mary work relentlessly in creating a monster of their own, for the purpose of eradicating such an evil. But have they gone too far? And what consequences have they wrought upon this world?The Strange is a place where history meets fiction and the two dance delightfully to the calliope of the supernatural, science fiction, mystery, horror and suspense.

    Joe Murray

    Paperback (Tallfellow Press, Feb. 25, 2015)
    Noticing that the Moon seems lonely, Isaac invites him to dinner without realizing that his friend knows nothing about how to be a polite guest.
  • Guess What? I Was Adopted


    Hardcover (Dr. June P. Murray, Psychotherapies, Sept. 1, 2019)
    In this special picture book, little Christopher tells the story of his adoption and how excited he was to share it with others. Following the story, the author included a special note for adoptive parents.
  • A Good Man

    J.J. Murray

    eBook (Kensington Books, Nov. 1, 2014)
    "A Good Man earns a place at the top of the to-be-read pile." --USA TodaySonya Richardson can't resist starring on a hit reality dating show to give America a taste of what a real black woman is like. The former celebrity pro athlete is breaking all of "Hunk Or Punk's" rules, refusing to bling-up like a diva, and tackling whatever drama her suitors have in store. But one contestant is throwing Sonya off her game. He's kind, way too easy to spill her secrets to--and giving her the type of hope she hasn't felt in a long time. . .Widowed former pastor John Bond knows he's the show's "designated white guy," expected to fail every challenge and be gone in a month. He also knows he has to take risks to find love again. Now Sonya is inspiring him to do whatever it takes to stay in the running, win her heart. . .and prove their dreams can be a reality. "Readers will be cheering for all of Murray's characters to find their joy." --RT Book Reviews (A TOP PICK) "Murray's wonderful characters, caring perspective, humor, and the story's fabulous ending make this a winning read." --Booklist"Deceptively light but ocean-deep. . .readers should brace for a three-hanky finale." –Publishers Weekly
  • Ultimate Sports Heroes - Andy Murray: The Golden Boy of Centre Court

    John Murray

    eBook (Dino Books, July 13, 2017)
    'As the two players walked on to the court, they were greeted by an ear-splitting roar. The crowd rose to their feet.'As a boy, Andy found the courage to give up football and leave behind his family, moving abroad to join a tennis camp in Spain. Nervous about his new life, he had no idea of the rewards for his bravery. Wimbledon titles, Olympic gold medals and the pride of being Britain's greatest ever tennis player all awaited.
  • Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible 2017

    Jim Murray

    Paperback (Dram Good Books Ltd, Nov. 1, 2016)
    Jim Murray is a legend and leading player on the world’s whisky stage. It is now over 20 years since he became the world’s first-ever full time whisky writer. And this 2017 edition of his Whisky Bible marks the 14th year of annual publication.
  • Bolt: The Fastest Man on Earth

    John Murray

    Paperback (John Blake, May 1, 2018)
    A young person's biography of the Olympic champion and fastest human in the world 9.58 seconds was all it took for Usain Bolt to blaze his way into the history books, with a 100 meters world record that shocked the world. But when Usain was little, he preferred cricket to running. No one knew that the tall, skinny boy from a small town in Jamaica would go on to become "The Lightning Bolt"—the fastest man ever.
  • Tuning up Daisies

    J. J. Murray

    eBook (Kinfolk Books, Aug. 11, 2015)
    Giovanna Ferrari (age 42), an unmarried, svelte, savvy, and sable-haired African-Sicilian American, runs Ferrari Repair with her grandfather Franco in the colorful town of Kingstown (population 3,721) in Gray County, Virginia, a county trapped between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains and forgotten by time, interstate highways, cell phone companies, and high-speed Internet providers. While other Gray County girls were learning how to cook, smoke, drink, and gossip, Giovanna learned how to tune up engines, tear down transmissions, weld, rewire lamps, replace drive belts in dryers, and rebuild carburetors. Giovanna is also an expert markswoman and has to be because of the many critters (black bear, an elusive mountain lion, raccoons, and copperheads) that populate the mountains around her creek-side cabin home. She lives with Lovie, her Labrador-boxer wonder mutt who has ADHD (Angry Dog, Hyper Dog), and her nearest neighbor is a two-plus-ton buffalo named Big John who Giovanna speaks to in Italian to keep him calm.Lovie wakes Giovanna one night and leads her to the body of Harvin Morse, newly released thief and meth head, lying face down in Big John’s field, a half full bottle of Old Heaven Hill whiskey in his hand. Did Big John stomp Harvin to death? Or did someone leave Harvin’s body to frame Giovanna for the crime? Set during the buildup and aftermath of the Gray County Fair's annual demolition derby, Giovanna will solve a thirty-five-year-old missing child case and later arrive in jail and at the truth (in that order) as the body count rises, and accusations and a diabolical killer threaten to wreck her life forever.
  • The Saint of the City

    J. J. Murray

    eBook (Kinfolk Books, March 3, 2014)
    Gordy Metcalfe, 16, has to grow up quickly in the sleepy town of Roanoke, Virginia.Too quickly.He and his brother and two sisters have different daddies, and his mother isn’t sure who any of the daddies are. Gordy sleeps on the kitchen floor, cooks, cleans, and takes care of his siblings when he’d rather be painting or fishing. With the help of his grandmother and Saint, a homeless black bluesman, Gordy thrives and survives junior high and high school despite the odds.Written with warmth and humor in 1986 by best-selling author J. J. Murray when he was 23, THE SAINT OF THE CITY proves that no matter how bad life gets, even a nobody from nowhere can become “the greatest man alive.”
  • How ALS Changed Everything: Learning to Keep On Keepin' On

    Jan Murray

    language (M13 Books, Jan. 11, 2015)
    A family's journey through ALS/Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, aka Lou Gehrig's Disease, taking the reader from shock and devastation to acceptance, hope and LIFE despite the terminal illness. "How ALS Changed Everything" follows the Murray family through everyday, real, raw experiences with ALS, its effects on them as individuals, their children, their marriage, and faith. The story immediately draws the reader into the Murray's lives and is a poignant tale of facing a monster of an illness, with little to no hope, with bravery, yet fear, and still coming out on top in happiness. Eleven other touching stories from ALS families from around the country are also included in the book. Inspiring. Heart wrenching. Compelling.
  • Ultimate Sports Heroes - Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man on Earth

    John Murray

    eBook (Dino Books, July 13, 2017)
    'Usain was confident. After all, he'd been rewriting the record books of athletics history for a decade.' 9.58 seconds was all it took for Usain Bolt to blaze his way into the history books, with a 100 metres world record that shocked the world. But when Usain was little, he preferred cricket to running. No one knew that the tall, skinny boy from a small town in Jamaiwould go on to become 'The Lightning Bolt' – the fastest man ever.
  • Ultimate Sports Heroes - Chris Froome: Cycling for the Yellow Jersey

    John Murray

    eBook (Dino Books, July 13, 2017)
    'Chris was on top of the world. He had fulfilled his dream of winning the Tour de France, the sport's greatest race – but there was always a new challenge around the next corner.'Growing up in Kenya, the young Chris Froome loved cycling so much he built his own bike from spare parts so he could pound the roads in the blazing sunshine. This is the story of how Froome won the Tour de France, the hardest sporting test of them all – not just once, but three times.