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  • The Voyage of the Lucky Dragon

    Jack Bennett

    Library Binding (Prentice Hall, March 1, 1982)
    A young Vietnamese boy recounts the perils and hardships endured by his family as they journey to Indonesia, Singapore and finally to Australia seeking political asylum.
  • Serious Moonlight

    Jenn Bennett

    Paperback (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Jan. 5, 2021)
    “An atmospheric, multilayered, sex-positive romance.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) After an awkward first encounter, Birdie and Daniel are forced to work together in a Seattle hotel where a famous author leads a mysterious and secluded life in this romantic contemporary novel from the author of Alex, Approximately.Mystery-book aficionado Birdie Lindberg has an overactive imagination. Raised in isolation and homeschooled by strict grandparents, she’s cultivated a whimsical fantasy life in which she plays the heroic detective and every stranger is a suspect. But her solitary world expands when she takes a job the summer before college, working the graveyard shift at a historic Seattle hotel. In her new job, Birdie hopes to blossom from introverted dreamer to brave pioneer, and gregarious Daniel Aoki volunteers to be her guide. The hotel’s charismatic young van driver shares the same nocturnal shift and patronizes the waterfront Moonlight Diner where Birdie waits for the early morning ferry after work. Daniel also shares her appetite for intrigue, and he’s stumbled upon a real-life mystery: a famous reclusive writer—never before seen in public—might be secretly meeting someone at the hotel. To uncover the writer’s puzzling identity, Birdie must come out of her shell…discovering that the most confounding mystery of all may be her growing feelings for the elusive riddle that is Daniel.
  • Godliness: The H Bond Theory

    M. Bennett

    eBook (Outskirts Press, Inc., May 14, 2017)
    This is the first book to argue for the study of classical divinity in biological terms. Introducing the H bond theory, this book will make you wonder whether cancer may be a condition of hydrogen bond deficiency, how intracellular communication might be affected not only by environmental radiation but also by subatomic radiation, and when the promising experimental results of so-called alternative medicine will be factored into our national health insurance models.Using grade school science, the H bond theory produces logical arguments for policy reform that are compatible with every religion on the planet. This book will make you believe in love.
  • Norma Jean and the Mystery of the Gypsy Summer

    N.J. Bennett

    eBook (Bennett Hall Publishing, Nov. 23, 2014)
    It's the mid 1960's on the central Alberta Prairies. The Nielsen Family's summer cabin becomes a place of historical mystery and farm-kid play. Chicory coffee, Cajun omens, French riddles, and coondogs...all these things and more, arrive the summer Gypsy comes to visit. Norma Jean, her brother Howard, and Gyp, spend the summer in the rustic cabin that is on the lake property, just down the laneway from the big cabin. The kids discover that the family's Cajun roots are alive and well when an ancient riddle is found in a dusty French Bible, hidden in plain view. They find a clue when they row the new Western Red Cedar boat through a reed covered cove and find a message, left by an unknown Cajun uncle. Norma Jean gets her notebook out, once again, and deduces the mystery—clue by clue. Norma Jean and the Mystery of the Gypsy Summer is the second in a series of Middle Grade Canadian Historical Fiction novels.
  • The Wimp Versus the Bullies: A 6th Grade Adventure

    Jim Bennett

    language (Riverflow Books, April 18, 2018)
    Roger heard that “middle school isn’t for wimps,” and that scares him! Since he’s just eleven, mixed-race, short for his age, as well as new to the school, he's worried that the other kids might think he’s just a wimp. Maybe they’d be right — maybe he is a wimp!It doesn’t help one bit that two of the meanest bullies in the school single him out as their number one target. He also has the strictest teacher at school, and at home, he has to put up with his bratty kid sister. He hopes his new friends, Reeves Boggs (nicknamed Booger) and Theresa Montaigne, the new girl at school who has a secret, can help him survive the challenges of being in 6th grade – dealing with bullies, racial and transgender prejudices, and discovering who the “Halloween witch” who lives in his neighborhood really is.
  • Starry Eyes

    Jenn Bennett

    eBook (Simon & Schuster Children's UK, May 17, 2018)
    From Jenn Bennett, author of Night Owls and Alex, Approximately comes a sizzling, starry romance, perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell and John Green Ever since last year’s homecoming dance, best-friends-turned-worst-enemies Zorie and Lennon have made an art of avoiding each other. It doesn’t hurt that their families are the modern-day version of the Montagues and Capulets. But when a group camping trip goes south, Zorie and Lennon find themselves stranded in the wilderness. Alone. Together. Zorie and Lennon have no choice but to try to make their way to safety. But as the two travel deeper into the rugged Californian countryside, secrets and hidden feelings surface. Soon it's not simply a matter of enduring each other’s company, but taming their growing feelings for each other. Praise for Night Owls: 'If you like Rainbow Rowell, Jandy Nelson and John Green, then you are going to want to check out Jenn Bennett's brand new book' - Sugarscape 'Night Owls is artsy, cool and everything you want a San Francisco adventure to be. Get ready to be swept away' - Maximum Pop 'A sweet, romantic read that will make your heart soar!' - The Bookette 'This is one of the best books I've read for a very long time' - Bookbag
  • Alex, Approximately

    Jenn Bennett

    Paperback (Simon Pulse, April 30, 2017)
  • Cora: Twisted Roots The Beginning - 1

    E.J. Bennett

    language (, Aug. 4, 2017)
    Cora De’mar is the princess of the witches. However her life is nowhere near a fairy tale. Her father is sick and the day she has been dreading since a child is looming closer. Soon she will be queen. But is being queen more than she can handle? Her youngest sister doesn’t trust her future husband. But there is nothing Cora can do, she has a duty. One that she must honour, for the sake of her people. With her father’s passing Cora uncovers the twisted truth of her ancestors. Everything she has ever been told was a lie. That lie threatens to shatter her world completely. But how can Cora fix the twisted roots of the past? There is one man intent on taking over the throne. Can Cora be the queen her people need her to be? Or will she suffer the fate of her sins?
  • My Chicken Needs Me: Learning responsibility and love for animals

    Bennett James

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan. 8, 2016)
    A farm is a great place to learn. Learning to care for animals not only teaches children about the animals, it teaches them the importance of responsibility. Farm animals, like pets, require a great deal of time, patience, and attention. In this book your child can follow Joey through his day on the farm caring for his chickens, and see just why his chickens need him.
  • Harriet's Light

    J. H. Bennett

    language (, June 15, 2017)
    Twelve-year-old Harriet lives on top of a hill with her parents in a small colony of sorcerers who conjure and manipulate Light; a form of sorcery called Lightcraft. Harriet’s Lightcraft powers are far more advanced than anyone else her age which, unfortunately, causes Harriet to be excluded by the other children, all because she is a little different. But their lack of respect for her is soon going to change.When an ancient malevolent force escapes from its prison, intent on bringing about a new age of Darkness, the Sorcerers of Light must do everything in their power to banish this evil, forever. The impending war between Light and Darkness is about to erupt and Harriet is caught in the middle of a battle which she has a bigger part to play in than she realises.Follow Harriet on her adventure as she learns new Lightcraft spells, comes face to face with the Spirit of Darkness and discovers that she has a destiny far beyond her wildest dreams.
  • The Ghost

    Bennett A.

    language (Aegitas, March 24, 2016)
    The novel opens with Carl Foster, a recently qualified doctor, coming to London to try and make his fortune. He meets a famous tenor, Signor Alresca, who suffers a dreadful injury backstage and Foster tends to him. He thus meets the lead soprano, Rosetta Rosa, and falls hopelessly in love with her. Alresca takes Foster under his wing and they travel to Alresca's home in Bruges. It is clear to Foster that Alresca has some strange obsession. Foster also notices a stranger who seems to be dogging his footsteps. Things take an even more sinister turn when Alresca inexplicably dies. . . Enoch Arnold Bennett was born in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent on the 27th May 1867. His infancy was spent in genteel poverty, which gave way to prosperity as his father succeeded as a solicitor. From this provincial background he became a novelist. His enduring fame is as a Chronicler of the Potteries towns, the setting and inspiration of some of his most famous and enduring literary work and the place where he grew up. Bennett did not pursue a career as a writer until after leaving his father's practice and moving to London in 1889 when he won a literary competition conducted by the magazine "Tit Bits". Encouraged to take up journalism full-time, he became assistant editor of "Woman" in 1894. Just over four years later his first novel, "A Man from the North", was published to critical acclaim. This was followed in 1902 by "Anna of the Five Towns", the first of a succession of stories which detailed life in the Potteries and displayed his unique vision of life in its towns. Between the end of 1903 and 1911 Bennett lived mainly in Paris. In Paris he met Marguerite Soulié whom he married in 1907. During his eight years in Paris he continued to enjoy critical success with the publication of many novels including "The Old Wives' Tale" (1908). After a visit to America in 1911, where he was acclaimed as no other visiting writer had been since Dickens, he returned to England where the "Old Wives' Tale" was reappraised and hailed to be a masterpiece. In 1921 he separated from Marguerite. The following year he fell in love with the actress Dorothy Cheston. They lived together until his death. She changed her last name to Bennett, although they were never legally married. They had one child, Virginia, born in 1926. In 1931 he became ill during a trip to France, returned to London, and died of typhoid fever. His ashes are buried in Burslem cemetery. Their daughter, Virginia Eldin, who eventually went to live in France, became President of the Arnold Bennett Society. Although Arnold Bennett never returned to the Potteries to live, he never forgot the debt which he owed to his birthplace for giving him a unique setting for so many of his novels, a setting which he enhanced with his penetrating description of people and places. (Bennett made up names for his Five Towns, but these names left nobody in doubt about the true identity of the towns. His Turnhill is really Tunstall, Bursley is Burslem, Hanbridge is Hanley, Knype is Stoke, and Longshaw is Longton.) It is perhaps unfortunate that Bennett felt that "The Five Towns" sounded better than "The Six Towns", and thus relegated the sixth town of the Potteries, the town of Fenton, almost to oblivion. As a chronicler of The Potteries he assured a permanent place in English literature for the district. His penultimate novel, The Imperial Palace, was set in the Savoy Hotel. To mark the book's importance as a great literary work, the hotel created the Omelette Arnold Bennett, which has remained on its menu ever since.
  • The Squared Circle

    James W. Bennett

    Paperback (Scholastic Paperbacks, Feb. 1, 2002)
    Sonny, a university freshman and star basketball player, finds that the pressures of college life, NCAA competition, and an unsettling relationship with his feminist cousin bring up painful memories that he must face before he can decide what is important in his life. Reprint.