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  • The Forest Sprite Mina; Book 5: Magical Children's Anthology Star Collection

    Jacqueline Alcot

    language (Venus Rizing Publishing Inc, Jan. 15, 2012)
    Out of the corner of William's eye he catches a flash of light. It looks like a firefly but it isn't. This was a magical creature with wings. She was beautiful, as she danced around the rocks near the river. The moonlight made her glisten like diamonds. This little creature is not alone either, there were more like her!William never believed there were fairys or magical beings. That just didn't make sense to him. Yet, here they were dancing on his knees!The forest sprite Mina has some very special friends that live in the forest with her. This is the story of a wonderful friendship between Mina and William. Mina will do something very brave to help her friend. She will bring other humans to William's rescue and save his life. Mina will teach William the true meaning of friendship. She will break down barriers and show William another way to live. Can William and his wife Elizabeth, come to understand Mina? The Forest Sprite Mina; is Book 5 in the Magical Children's Anthology Star Collection This book should be easy enough for a 8 to 12 year old to read. This story will absolutely delight readers of any age.