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  • Hippos: Natural History & Conservation

    Glenn Feldhake

    Paperback (Voyageur Press, Dec. 1, 2005)
    Hippos live in the wild in more than 29 African countries, where they have existed for 20 million years. The second-largest land mammal, after the elephant, they weigh around 4,400 pounds and are at home in a multitude of habitats and ecosystems.Hippos provides an informative and entertaining overview of this wonderful yet enigmatic species. The book explores the hippo's evolutionary origins, social structure, behavior, and role in the environment, as well as the latest population concerns and conservation activities. This book is intended for all readers interested in learning more about a recognizable yet seldom-studied species that continuously offers researchers fascinating surprises. The unique photographs come from author Glenn Feldhake's conservation work in Africa.
  • Hippos

    Glenn Feldhake

    Paperback (Colin Baxter Photography Ltd, Oct. 15, 2005)