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  • Space Chase

    Quinlan B. Lee, Funnypages Productions

    Paperback (Simon Scribbles, Jan. 9, 2007)
    Space adventure just got a lot sillier...the VeggieTales way! In Space Chase, the veggies meet a bunch of goofy aliens and visit other planets. Includes a spread of out-of-this-world paper stickers!
  • The Pirates Who Don't Color Anything!

    Sonia Sander, Funnypages Productions

    Staple Bound (Simon Scribbles, June 27, 2006)
    Dear Parents,Inside this book is a safe space for creativity. Encourage your children to scrawl funny doodles, sketch silly squiggles, and jot multicolored blobs. They can use the coloring images as jumping-off points, or make unrelated illustrations using crayons, markers, paints, pens, or pencils. Don't forget to ask your kids to describe their drawings!We've gathered together many familiar, beloved characters, and we'll introduce new friends too. They will present exciting activity pages that will challenge and entertain with puzzles, games, brainteasers, and suggestions for craft projects and rainy-days pastimes.We will also offer thrilling extras with each book, such as crayons, stickers, cut-out crafts on the back covers, or other items we know your kids will love.When you spot our spiral logo, you can be sure you're purchasing an enthralling coloring and activity book that will engage, enlighten, and entertain for hours. So sit down with your children...and watch them start scribbling!Have Fun!The Simon Scribbles Team