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Books with author Emily Sutton

  • The Dolls' House Colouring Book

    Emily Sutton

    Paperback (V & A Publishing, )
  • My Cat Likes to Live in Boxes

    E. Sutton

    Paperback (Pearson Education Ltd, June 30, 1999)
  • Diving In

    Emily Sutton-Smith

    Audio CD (Bolinda Audio, July 30, 2012)
    Coll daydreams all the time about meeting the gorgeous bloke she sees at her local swimming pool. Then, one afternoon, he asks her out. Close-up, he's even more good-looking - but he's also very pushy. As Coll struggles to get what she wants from their relationship, she begins to wonder just how far she could go. Can she cope with a boyfriend who's much more experienced than her? How much should she suppress what she's increasingly feeling? Will she turn out like her man-hating mum - or like Art's sad last girlfriend who suddenly got dumped?