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  • Ever After High: Madeline Hatter's Guide to Riddlish!: A Topsy-Turvy Write-In Book

    Mattel, Elizabelle Castle

    Hardcover (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Dec. 22, 2015)
    What starts with a T, ends with T and has T in it? A Teapot!At Ever After High, Madeline Hatter, Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire drive their fairy best friends batty when they talk in their native Wonderland language of Riddlish. Have hours of fun with your friends learning how to write in Riddlish, decode secret Riddlish messages, and many more Wonderland word games and activities!© 2015 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Because I Love You More Than All the Stars in Heaven

    Elizabeth Castle

    Paperback (PublishAmerica, April 28, 2008)
    Elizabeth was born in 1969 to Joe Tyler and Patricia Castle of Louisville, Kentucky. She is the youngest of five children, having three brothers, Joey, Larry, and David (deceased) Castle, and one sister, Karen Lewis. Elizabeth currently resides in Salem, Indiana, with her three children, Lauren Brooke, Ashley Nicole, and Justin Reid. After fifteen years working in the legal field, Elizabeth quit work to stay home and raise her children. Through the trials of raising three small children and telling them that she loved them more than all the stars in heaven came the inspiration for her first book by the same title. Elizabeth hopes that this book will become a favorite of children as they are comforted by the fact that all the things their parents do, they do because they love them. It is also her desire that the companion scripture pages will serve as a reminder and encouragement to parents that they are raising their children in a Godly way in an ungodly world.