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  • The Adventures of Young Krishna, The Blue God of India

    Diksha Dalal-Clayton, Marilyn Heeger

    Paperback (Oxford University Press, Dec. 31, 1992)
    In this dramatic, new collection, Diksha Dalal-Clayton retells the stories which enchanted her as a youngster--stories told to her by her grandmother, stories passed down through the generations. For centuries, the adventures of the young Krishna, the god who was always getting into trouble because of his boyish pranks, have delighted Indian boys and girls. Because he embodies both the human and the divine, the child-like and the god-like, Krishna is a favorite with both the young and the young at heart. Stories of the young Krishna's adventures with gods and kings, his battles with demons, his flirtations with the girls of his village, are all retold with charm, grace and wit. Richly detailed illustrations enhance the text and rouse the imagination. These classic tales from Hindu mythology will open your child's eyes to the richness and splendor of ancient Indian civilization.
  • The Adventures of Young Krishna - The Blue God of India

    Disha Dalal - Clayton

    Paperback (Rupa, Oct. 10, 1999)
  • The Adventures of Young Krishna: The Blue God of India

    Disha Dalal - Clayton

    Paperback (Rupa, Aug. 16, 1999)