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  • What Do You Do With A Stupid Genie?

    Debbie Tilley

    David, 9, Nancy and Mike discover an odd-looking brass pot in the rummage in their basement. When David blows on the tube sticking out of it, a genie appears. However this genie doesn't have the miraculous powers they have read about. A series of misadventures occur.
  • The Quiz Book

    Laura Allen, Debbie Tilley

    Spiral-bound (American Girl, Sept. 1, 1999)
    Girls can discover more about themselves and their relationships with others using this great collection of quizzes and other paper-and-pencil activities. Revealing quizzes include handwriting analysis, a silly scale, a pal poll, and much more.
  • Never Let Your Cat Make Lunch for You

    Lee Harris, Debbie Tilley

    Hardcover (Tricycle Press, March 1, 2004)
    Pebbles the cat is great at cooking breakfast, but a disaster when it comes to fixing lunch.
  • Frederick Finch, Loudmouth

    Tess Weaver, Debbie Tilley

    Hardcover (Clarion Books, May 19, 2008)
    Everyone in his family always comes home from the state fair with ribbons, but Frederick never wins anything because he is so loud, but when there is a contest where loudness is an asset, Frederick is sure to be a shoe-in to win.
  • Dinosaur Dinner With a Slice of Alligator Pie

    Dennis Lee, Debbie Tilley

    Paperback (Demco Media, April 1, 1999)
    An illustrated collection of humorous poems on a variety of topics.