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  • My Princess Boy

    Cheryl Kilodavis

    Paperback (KD Talent LLC, March 15, 2010)
    My Princess Boy is a nonfiction picture book about acceptance. With words and illustrations even the youngest of children can understand, My Princess Boy tells the tale of 4-year-old boy who happily expresses his authentic self by happily dressing up in dresses, and enjoying traditional girl things such as jewelry and anything pink or sparkly. The book is from a mom's point of view, sharing both good and bad observations and experiences with friends and family, at school and in shopping stores. My Princess Boy opens a dialogue about embracing uniqueness, and teaches you and others how to accept young boys who might cross traditional gender line clothing expectations. The book ends with the understanding that 'my' Princess Boy is really 'our' Princess Boy, and as a community, we can accept and support youth for whoever they are and however they wish to look.
  • Cora's Kismet

    Cheryl Davis

    language (Cheryl Davis, Sept. 27, 2013)
    After enduring years of abuse by their guardians, Cora and Viola Daniels were already planning their escape when everything they thought they knew about themselves and the world around them shattered.Cora is shocked to find out that everything they thought they knew about themselves is wrong, and that they’ve had loving parents all along—as well as powers beyond her comprehension.Facing finding a mate, a ceremony to unbind her previously unknown powers, adjusting to a semi-normal family situation, and a prophecy she knew nothing about, Cora is shocked to her core. Will she be able to adjust to all of the stunning revelations in time to save the world?Liam was sent to rescue the endangered twins and is stunned to find himself pulled to Cora. He instantly knew she was his mate but her lack of knowledge about their world creates another complication altogether. Will he be able to help her cope with all of the changes suddenly thrust upon her? Or will they be torn apart forever by those determined to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled?Can Cora trust Liam and her newfound parents, or was this just be another terrifying experience for her to endure in her young life?
  • the adventures of YIP YEP YAP at HOME

    Cheryl Davis

    language (, Jan. 6, 2012)
    This story is the first in a series of adventures of the Richardson family who are a very close-knit loving family that enjoys helping and caring for each other. FILLED WITH PICTURES THROUGHOUT THE BOOK TO ENHANCE THE STORY WITH YOUR CHILD!Start your adventure with “at HOME” the first in a continuing series where the Richardson family adopts three sweet adorable puppies, Yip, Yep and Yap for their two youngest of four children, twins Matt and Mattie. The start of many adventures in how Matt, Mattie and the pups learn, grow, laugh, and have fun with the family. The puppies first presented “at HOME” and it starts when the parents go into town for a puppy after a children’s story read by the oldest child.
  • the adventures of YIP YEP YAP in PLAYFUL TIMES

    Cheryl Davis

    language (, June 9, 2012)
    This story, “the adventures of YIP YEP YAP in PLAYFUL TIMES” is the second in a series of adventures for the Richardson family. The Richardson’s are a very close-knit loving family. The twins Matt and Mattie enjoy their first day of play along with how to care for their new puppies YIP YEP and YAP. This book is FILLED WITH OVER 120 LIFE LIKE ILLUSTRATIONS to enhance the story for your child. PLAYFUL TIMES continues the story filled with a loving, teaching and nurturing environment. The excitement expressed by the twins being open to proper instruction from their parents and good advice from their older brother and sister.Remember, it all started with the adventures of YIP YEP YAP “at HOME” where the Richardson’s bring home three sweet adorable puppies, Yip, Yep and Yap for their two twins, Matt and Mattie.Both books are filled with wonderful moments through the story line and illustrations, providing enjoyment for your preschooler and those up to second or third grade level. These two wonderful books, “the adventures of YIP YEP YAP at HOME” and the second book, “the adventures of YIP YEP YAP in PLAYFUL TIMES” are now available for your e-readers.Enjoy watching the excitement as your child experiences reading these books or while you read to them.Thank you for your visit here and I’m sure you and your child will enjoy these books. The third book in the series is coming soon. Watch for… “the adventures of YIP YEP YAP in THE VISIT”. Happy reading!