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Books with author Brenna Vaughan

  • Crack the Code!: Activities, Games, and Puzzles That Reveal the World of Coding

    Sarah Hutt, Brenna Vaughan

    Paperback (Penguin Workshop, March 13, 2018)
    Use coding to make your dreams come true in this fun-filled activity book published in partnership with the nonprofit organization Girls Who Code!You might not realize it, but coding is everywhere--not just in our computers and phones. The video games you play, the animated films you watch, and the digital stopwatch you use--they're all powered with code! This action-packed book with a two-color interior is full of word games, mazes, quizzes, and more--it's your key to understanding how coding is used in robotics, arts & animation, sports, music & performance, and for social causes. You might even find inspiration for your next coding project!
  • The Sister Book: A Guide to Good Times with Your Family

    Kristi Thom, Brenna Vaughan

    Paperback (American Girl, Aug. 27, 2015)
    Calling all sisters! The Sister Book is for you! Whether your family is filled with girls or bustling with brothers, the bonds you share with your siblings are super-special, and this book is all about celebrating them. Find fun ideas for activities to do together, plus helpful tips on getting through rough times. Best of all, you'll find suggestions for making memories to last a lifetime. Includes great advice from real girls and stories from real sisters, too.
  • Code It! Create It!: Ideas & Inspiration for Coding

    Sarah Hutt, Brenna Vaughan

    Hardcover (Penguin Workshop, Oct. 31, 2017)
    Come up with the perfect coding-powered project in this informative, interactive journal published in partnership with the nonprofit organization Girls Who Code!Think being creative has nothing to do with computer coding? Think again! Coding is all about creativity. The video games you play, the photo-sharing apps you love, the animated movies you watch—they’re all made with code. And the coolest part? YOU can make anything with code, too! The possibilities for coding projects are limitless, so use these pages to get inspired, jot down ideas, doodle, play coding games, and more. Let your imagination run wild—you just might come up with the most awesome coding project ever.