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  • Samuel and the Acorn Queen

    Barbara Price

    language (B. J. Price, July 12, 2015)
    Samuel is a little boy filled with energy, imagination, and mischief. He is unaware that his family has come upon hard times. He cannot understand why his parents are responding to his requests more often with "no" than "yes." It seems to Samuel that his parents always say "no" to even the smallest of his request. Samuel sits at the roots of the great oak tree to complain, sulk, and sometimes cry about what he sees as his misfortune. The Acorn Queen who resides inside the tree is troubled by Samuel's sadness. She wants Samuel to understand that joy and happiness is a decision. Also, sometimes a "no" may not mean “never.” It may mean to wait until a better time.
  • Bad Fairy Club: Sister Games

    Barbara Price Galvan

    eBook (The Price Company, Oct. 16, 2013)
    Bad Fairy Club: Sister Games, a spunky magical adventure of two fairy sisters that need to learn to live together and find their magical sides, but finds much more. Eva is a plump, spunky eight-year-old fairy that wears the funkiest tights. Eva wants two things so bad. One is to learn magic, forbidden in their home. The second thing was to get revenge on her older sister, Selma, at the school dance. Selma is a slender fashionista fairy that wants nothing to due with her magical side, but wants everything to due with fashion. Eva’s adventure to get revenge on Selma causes more problems in their dysfunctional single-parent home. Eva has to find some magical spells to make sure the school dance is a disaster. In her search for these magical skills she comes upon a hidden family heirloom, a powerful grimoire- spell book that has been silent for years until it feels Eva’s touch. Eva’s first attempt on revenge fails and Selma benefits from the results, this forces Eva to step up her skills for learning magic so she can seek her revenge.Will Eva get her revenge, and at what cost?By the end of this magical adventure, Eva gets her revenge, and accidentally helps Selma discover her desire to increase her magic skills, too. Eva discovers that she has the portal to the world of Annebella and the tiny fairies that her grandmother had talked about for years. Eva learns how to transform herself into a tiny fairy to enter that world.
  • The Three Pigs

    Barbara Pritzen

    Paperback (Golden Press, March 15, 1980)
    Enjoy Caldecott winning author David Wiesner's book, The Three Pigs, in Chinese. This picture book begins placidly (and familiarly) enough, with three pigs collecting materials and going off to build houses of straw, sticks, and bricks. But the wolf's huffing and puffing blows the first pig right out of the story . . . and into the realm of pure imagination. The transition signals the start of a freewheeling adventure with characteristic David Wiesn
  • The Three Pigs

    Barbara Pritzen

    Library Binding (Goldencraft, Sept. 15, 1973)
  • The miracle of the golden doors

    Barbara Pradal Price

    Hardcover (Prentice-Hall, March 15, 1971)
    Two scientists try to disprove the miracle associated with the golden doors of the local church.
  • I Am Aware Bear Life For Kids

    Barbara C. Nash-Price

    Paperback (Nash-Price Pub, Feb. 1, 1998)