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  • Cute Funny Jokes Book: KITTEN Jokes & Riddles for Kids:

    Angela Sweet

    language (Angela Sweet, Feb. 19, 2014)
    What our readers say: "Not just another jokes book!" "I really like this one because it has been the only book I've seen that has cute pictures in it" (L.M.S. on Amazon UK)If you love sweet little kittens, then you will fall in love with our Cute Funny Jokes book: Kitten Jokes & Riddles for Kids and read it every day! Share this funny book with your brothers and sisters, tell the jokes to your friends at school, have fun!"A sense of humor is a learned quality that can be developed in kids, not something they're born with."Cuddly Cutelings Happy Funny Children's Books:"Puppy Jokes & Riddles for Kids""Kitten Jokes & Riddles for Kids" Language - US EnglishAge 5-9
  • Cute Funny Jokes Book: PUPPY Jokes & Riddles - Knock Knock Jokes for Kids:

    Angela Sweet

    language (, Jan. 14, 2014)
    "Not just another jokes book!" If you love cute cuddly puppies, then Puppy Jokes & Riddles - Knock Knock Jokes for Kids book from the Cuddly Cutelings Happy Funny Children’s Books series will keep you smiling for hours! IN THIS BOOK::- Over 80 jokes (Knock knock jokes + Puppy jokes & riddles, all carefully picked for the girls like you, and all matched with the CUTE and SILLY puppy and dog pictures )- "If I was a puppy what would my name be?" - have fun finding out what your puppy name and personality would be! Will you chase little kittens to protect your Master or will you steal smelly socks?... Laugh at all the funny puppy jokes and knock knock jokes, and then tell to your friends and family. You will love the funny pictures of cute adorable puppies and dogs all dressed up …aww! This book of funny jokes is PERFECT for you. Let your younger brothers, sisters and friends take a peek at the pictures and they will enjoy them too. You will fall in love with Cute Funny Jokes for Kids books by Angela Sweet and read them every day! Language - US EnglishAge 5-9