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  • BIG Letter Tracing for Preschoolers and Toddlers ages 2-4: Homeschool Preschool Learning Activities for 3 year olds

    Anastasia Stephen

    Paperback (Independently published, Jan. 29, 2020)
    Let’s make preschool learning easy… Here we present you our big letter tracing workbook for kids ages 3-5...! We are aware of the fact that tracing letters and numbers for preschool kids can be a hard task, but this big ABC tracing book will surely do wonders for your toddler learning. This book will be a valuable addition to your child’s preschool workbooks age 3 collection and to your homeschooling curriculum as it covers alphabet tracing, number tracing, and all basic shapes as well. There may be many toddler workbooks available, but we offer you quality learning activities for 3 year olds. We know that kids love learning to write on their own, so don’t delay to get their hands on this preschool workbook. This alphabet tracing books for preschoolers has following features: ✔Cute Cover Design✔One alphabets at a time on one page to introduce your kid with the shape of the each letter in detail. ✔Easy guideline and directional arrows to assist your toddler ✔Perfectly sized at 8.5" x 11" for kids who are learning to write for the first time.✔More than 125 Pages.Homeschool preschool activities with these abc books for toddlers 2-4 years, and start managing a tiny 3 year old workbook library for your little ones.Last but the least it goes well with Art supplies for toddlers.
  • Fluorescence: Fire Starter

    P. Anastasia

    eBook (, Jan. 7, 2015)
    Fans of Cloak and Dagger, The Gifted, and Mortal Instruments can't put this saga down.Alice was a normal teenager until a dying race of aliens chose her and a handful of others to preserve their bioluminescent DNA. The light lives in her bloodstream, it's unpredictable and could flare up at any time, exposing her secret to the world. With a budding new romance on the horizon, and alien intervention threatening her future, she struggles to hide her condition from the rest of the world, while trying to learn the truth behind the infection. In a unique genre all its own, Fluorescence is a striking, unabashed blend of audacious young love, fantasy and sci-fi.Each full-length novel in the series is narrated by a different character, driving the story forward in a new and exciting way. It evolves from a quiet beginning into a gripping saga exploring the real-life limitations encountered while harboring a volatile secret. Novels in the complete Fluorescence series: Book 1: Fire Starter Book 2: Contagious Book 3: Fallout Book 4: Lost Souls
  • A Girl's Guide to Volleyball

    Anastasia Suen

    language (Capstone Press, Dec. 21, 2015)
    Are you a girl who loves to nail the perfect spike? Get in the game! Take your knowledge of volleyball to the next level. Learn the positions, skills, tips and tricks that will help you stay sharp on and off the field.
  • Alternate Reality Game Designer Jane McGonigal

    Anastasia Suen

    Paperback (LernerClassroom, Jan. 1, 2014)
    Do you like the challenge and adventure of video games? As Jane McGonigal was growing up, she had fun playing early video games. As an adult, she saw games as an outlet for problem solving and teambuilding. McGonigal started creating alternate reality games (ARGs), which may be based online but take place mainly in the real world. She enjoys challenging others to engage in modern issues and to work together, as in her game World Without Oil and in The Lost Ring, which she created for the 2008 Summer Olympics. McGonigal was named one of the world's top innovators by MIT's Technology Review, and her 2010 TED Talk, "Gaming Can Make a Better World," is one of the most-watched of all time. But how did she get there? Find out how she developed her passion for games to become the public face of game design.
  • How to Bake a Cake

    Anastasia Suen

    Paperback (Rourke Educational Media, Aug. 1, 2015)
    Everyone loves cake, right? What’s your favorite kind? Well, how would you like to learn how to make one? This book makes it easy with simple instructions, tips, and tools on how to make the perfect dessert that your whole family can enjoy. The best part is you get to lick the bowl! This title will allow students to analyze data from tests of an object or tool to determine if it works as intended.• Bold keywords with picture glossary• Websites• Table of Contents• Procedural writing
  • Subway

    Anastasia Suen, Karen Katz

    Board book (Viking Books for Young Readers, March 27, 2008)
    Handpicked by Amazon kids’ books editor, Seira Wilson, for Prime Book Box – a children’s subscription that inspires a love of reading.a rush of aira car is therehop, hop, hopon the subway!Come along for the ride as a little girl and her mother hop on the subway. From spinning turnstiles and musicians performing on the platforms to people hopping off and on and lights flashing past in the tunnels, the sights and sounds of the subway have an energy all their own. Anastasia Suen's sprightly text and Karen Katz's brightly colored patterns and lively perspectives combine for a pitch perfect celebration of an underground train ride, where the hustle and bustle is only part of the fun.
  • BMX Bully

    Anastasia Suen

    language (Raintree UK, Feb. 15, 2010)
    The boys and girls in these books face obstacles, and meet mental and social challenges as well. Readers will discover that an athlete's inner strength, persistence, and courage are just as important as a steady hand or a chance for a goal.
  • Father's Day Gifts

    Anastasia Suen

    language (Rourke Educational Media, Jan. 25, 2019)
    Easy to follow father's day gift craft instructions for makerspaces, home activities, and classrooms.
  • North American Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Anastasia Suen

    Hardcover (Bridges, Aug. 11, 2019)
    A boy who collects fossils grows up to discover the first Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur. Years later, a girl grows up to find the largest Tyrannosaurus rex ever. Look inside to discover the exciting world of paleontology! This book is about the discovery of the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, including information about the dinosaur's appearance, movement, and diet before it became extinct.This series introduces readers to the study of dinosaurs. Each book covers what scientists know and what they are still working to learn about these prehistoric beasts. Each book includes a glossary, comprehension questions, and an extension activity.

    Anastasia Slash

    Liam Yes that’s my nameI am BigYes that’s rightGet your mind out of the gutter You know meOh yes you doI’m the richest man that ever lived As a matter of fact I rule the worldYou might call me the ultimate billionaireAn alpha male A warriorI live for the thrillNothing, I mean nothing phases meI met an angel CassieShe is an incredible Real Estate AgentI want an heir from her My son hurt herHe will pay for hurting a good girlAnd she will see what it means to be with a Real ManOh And Listen when I say this, whatever Liam wants, Liam getsAnd Cassie, God I want only you
  • iPod and Electronics Visionary Tony Fadell

    Anastasia Suen

    Paperback (LernerClassroom, Jan. 1, 2014)
    Do you spend hours tinkering with projects? Do you also love listening to and collecting music? So did inventor Tony Fadell. He combined two of his passions to create the iPod, the world's most popular music player. Even as a child, Fadell was curious about how things worked. He invented a new processor for his computer and sold it to Apple when he was still a teenager! Years later, Apple reached out to Fadell to create an iPod prototype, and he helped lead the team that revolutionized portable music players. How did he go from a curious kid to an innovator in electronics? Read on to find out about his brilliant ideas and remarkable career.
  • Sea Otters

    Anastasia Suen

    Hardcover (Amicus/Amicus Ink, Jan. 1, 2020)
    "This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a sea otter's Arctic habitat, body parts, and behaviors"--