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Books with author Alvaro Martinez

  • Ultimate Comics X-Men by Brian Wood Volume 3

    Alvaro Martinez, Brian Wood

    Paperback (Marvel, March 4, 2014)
    "World War X" begins! It's Tian vs. Utopia when Jean Grey takes on Kitt y Pryde! Will the planet be torn apart when the two mutant nations go to war? Alliances are broken, sides are chosen and betrayals abound - but after a sneak attack on Utopia, and Jean's strict warning that the rest of the world should stay out of the war, will the global mutant-on-mutant conflict finally unite...or divide mutants forever? As World War X claims its first casualties, Kitty Pryde becomes a revolutionary redux, Mach Two displays startling new powers, and James Hudson proves he's more than just his father's son! COLLECTING: ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN 29-33
  • Spirit of Mages

    AJ Martinez

    language (Summon Sphere, Sept. 24, 2017)
    The chase continues as Akielas tries to find the remnants of the dragon gods before the Specters do. Two of his friends have already fallen to the Specters and the chaos rages on. The burden grows on Akielas's shoulder and now he seeks help from a demigod who lives in a city in the sky. Akielas believes that only Caim, the demigod, can put an end to the Specters but the demigod is reluctant. While Akielas tries to coax Caim, his friends seek ancient power and lost magic. Although his allies share his struggle, Akielas fears that the Specters are far too powerful with two remnants of the gods in their hands and two more close to their reach.
  • La mujer que brillaba a??n m??s que el sol / The Woman Who Outshone the Sun by Martinez


    Paperback (Children's Book Press, March 15, 1851)
  • Destetar sin Lagrimas: La Guia Mas Completa para Destetar de Forma Respetuosa

    Pilar Martinez Alvarez

    Paperback (Agencia IBSN, March 15, 1602)
  • By Martinez La mujer que brillaba a?§n m?­s que el sol / The Woman Who Outshone the Sun


    Paperback (Children's Book Press, March 15, 1997)