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  • The Wheels: The Friendship Race Las Ruedas: La Carrera de la Amistad

    S.A. Publishing

    eBook (KidKiddos Books Ltd, July 8, 2016)
    English Spanish Bilingual children's book. Perfect for kid studying English or Spanish as their second language.What is friendship? Join three good friends as they discover what real friendship means. They start a race, but decide to finish it together, helping a friend who got in trouble. This book will teach children positive friendship skills like sharing, supporting, and helping each other.¿Qué es la amistad? Únete a tres grandes amigos que descubren qué significa la verdadera amistad. Empiezan una carrera, pero deciden acabarla juntos, ayudando a un amigo que tuvo problemas. Este libro mostrará habilidades positivas de la amistad como compartir, apoyarse y ayudarse los unos a los otros.
  • Pencil Sharpener - Monster Mouth

    Accord Publishing

    Paperback (Accord Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel, March 1, 2004)
  • Woody The Warthog: Eyeball Animation Plush Toy

    Accord Publishing

    Paperback (Accord Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel, Aug. 1, 1999)
    Warthog has Eyeball Animation® for hours of fun and giggles. " Favorite Movie: Babe " Favorite Food: Grass, roots, bark and berries. " Adult Size: Up to 40 inches (102 cm.) long and 220 pounds (99kg).
  • World Flags

    ABC Publishing

    language (, Jan. 31, 2015)
    This book is a Flag Reference Guide which contains all countries flags.
  • AA Kids Phrasebook: French

    AA Publishing

    Paperback (AA Publishing, Sept. 1, 2013)
    Handy, pocket-sized phrase books—fun and easy ways to learn the most popular European languagesDesigned for children, with the emphasis on fun, this phrasebook is perfect for kids on the move—for vacations, school trips, and student exchanges. The book is presented in cartoon format so the text is easily accessible for children. The guide is sectioned into such vocabulary topics as "making friends," "Do you want to play?," "lunchtime," "looking good," hanging out," "pocket money," "grown-up talk," and "extra bits."
  • Dinosaur # 7 - Spinosaurus: A Ten Little Dinosaurs Finger Puppet

    Accord Publishing

    Paperback (Andrews McMeel Publishing, March 1, 2004)
    From the multiple award winning Ten Little Dinosaurs gift set. The numbers 1 thru 10, stitched on each Dinosaur, make the "dinosaur count-down" a hit - No bones about it!
  • Pucker the Polar Bear: Eyeball Animation Plush Toy

    Accord Publishing

    Paperback (Accord Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel, )
  • Buzz the Bullfrog: Eyeball Animation Plush Toy

    Accord Publishing

    Paperback (Accord Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel, )
  • Christmas Coloring Book For Kids 4 - 8; A Coloring Adventure for Happy Children and Adults

    AJ Publishing

    Paperback (Independently published, Nov. 22, 2018)
    Want the best gift for your child this Christmas season?Nothing beats coloring as fun activity to get your children's creative juices flowing. It's also a great way to amp up the holiday spirit.With this Christmas Coloring Book, your child will:Find over 40 unique easy-to-color designs!Improve their fine-motor skills and hand-eye coodination.Coloring pages featuring everything Christmas- snowmen, elves, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, angels, presents, toys, stockings, and more!Don't wait any longer, click the 'add to cart' button and get your copy today!
  • Santa's Workshop: A Mini Animotion Book

    Accord Publishing, Molly Idle

    Hardcover (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Oct. 4, 2011)
    Santa’s Workshop is bustling with the magic of AniMotion in Accord’s latest holiday offering, sure to be at the top of every preschooler’s letter to Santa.Christmas is right around the corner and Santa's Workshop is buzzing with holiday excitement and cheer in this newest mini AniMotion offering that takes readers through last-minute preparations at the North Pole. Toy-tinkering elves, curious reindeer, and even the big guy himself come to life on the brightly illustrated pages of Santa's Workshop.Culminating with an overflowing sleigh flying off to make Christmas Eve deliveries, Santa's Workshop is proof positive that good things do come in small packages.
  • Frog: Eyeball Animation Hand Puppet

    Accord Publishing

    Paperback (Andrews McMeel Publishing, June 1, 2001)
    Frog is a 6" soft animal hand puppet with floating eyes.
  • 2001 The Year You Were Born: Birthday Notebook College Ruled Journal Gift for Creative Writers or Personal Use, Neat Gift With Highlights Of The Year ... Great for Writing Down Daily Notes and Diary

    AS4 Publishing

    Paperback (Independently published, Nov. 14, 2019)
    2001 The Year You Were Born 18th Birthday College Ruled Notebook provides plenty of writing space and is easy to carry everywhere in a bag or backpack. It can be used for school notes, sketching, doodling, journaling and other writing needs. Designed to Encourages Creativity and Positive Thinking, 120 lined pages, Size 6”x 9”.This journal can be used for writing poetry, jotting down your brilliant ideas, recording your accomplishments, and more. Use it as a diary or gratitude journal, a travel journal or to record your food intake or progress toward your fitness goals. The simple lined pages allow you to use it however you wish. Journals to Write In offers a wide variety of journals, so keep one by your bedside as a dream journal, one in your car to record mileage and expenses, one by your computer for login names and passwords, and one in your purse or backpack to jot down random thoughts and inspirations throughout the day.Great Christmas Gift and 18th Birthday Gifts for Your Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Friend, Girlfriend, or any family member who born in 2001 and turning to 18 Years Old.